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Adopt Ways to Live With COVID-19 – Dr. Kwadwo Kyeremanteng

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Chief Executive Officer of C4C Homeopathic Hospital, Dr. Michael Kwadwo Kyeremanteng has said the country is currently in difficult times and there is the need for all to find ways of living with and enduring the Coronavirus pandemic.

According to him, the continuous spread of the pandemic points to the fact that the virus will not leave anytime soon, hence “we must take our lives into our own hands. And by so doing we need to find ways of how we can survive the pandemic,”.

He said, he foresaw that Ghana’s case count will soon enter 20,000, urging for mass testing.

Dr. Michael Kwadwo Kyeremanteng pointed out that strong immune system is the surest way one can withstand the virus.

According to him, it is important for us to work on building our immune systems, advising Ghanaians to desist from self-medication.

He also urged a change in eating habits, advising that people refrain from foods that are high in cholesterol eating foods that increases cholesterol.

He explained that the mungs are very important in the fight and containment of Covid-19, adding that Covid-19 can make your blood clot, and if your blood vessels are already damaged through long-term raised blood sugar levels or too much fat in the blood, then this can put you at risk of heart attack or stroke.

He said, if Covid-19 attacks your lungs, then you are more likely to end up in intensive care, adding that people with excess fat also tend to have a less efficient immune response, which is why adopting a healthy diet and slimming down is a key step in the right direction.

Good sleep, he said is important, too since it is essential for the production and release of key components of the immune system.

Dr. Kyeremanteng however noted that the efficacy of homeopathy therapy cannot be overemphasized in the fight against Covid-19.

“This is a preventive medicine that the Indian government has designed…we share in the vision and the spirit of the Indian government. We believe that the Government of Ghana will be able to adopt it as a preventive measure. Homeopathy is a natural and has no side effect and has no chemical component in it,” he explained.

He was speaking on Adom TV where he indicated that the use of traditional remedies, such as Indian systems of medicine, to ward off infections can be efficient during this era.

C4C Homeopathic Hospital is the largest homeopathic hospital in the country with 8 major branches spread across the regions serving more than 2 million Ghanaians.


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