Home News Alleged Destruction of Zimmerman Garden, Abokobi Cemetery:

Alleged Destruction of Zimmerman Garden, Abokobi Cemetery:

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Berekuso Chief Shoos Off Accusers

The Chief of Berekuso, Odeefo Oteng Korankye II, has entreated all and sundry to treat with contempt allegations against him that he had pulled down some properties in Abokobi for his private development.

According to him, he is baffled that his name was being circulated wildly and accused of destroying things which in reality are intact.

Last week, news from social media supposed that “Abokobi is helpless! The town and its land are being taken over allegedly by Chief of Brekusu. Cemetery, streams, historic garden (where the Bible was translated into Ga), and other valuables are being destroyed with impunity for private development. People of the town are appealing for immediate intervention”.

Investigations indicateed that, these were allegations hurled on the Chief of Berekuso by the Caretaker of Presbyterian Lands in Aboboki, Nii Samuel Adjetey Mohenu and his cohorts during a press conference.

At a counter news conference on Saturday at Berekuso, Odeefo Korankye II, stated emphatically that, though he owned lands in some portions of Abokobi, his sanity was intact that he would not go destroying properties and sacred places on people’s land for no reason.

“What really baffles me is the fact that, someone would hold a press conference just to make wild allegations at me which are untrue. I did not know a Presbyterian leader of his sort could lie in this manner”, he noted.

A subsequent tour of the Abokobi area by this Reporter revealed that, the Zimmerman garden was still fenced and the two Abokobi cemeteries were all intact.

But I want to believe that he is doing all these to obtain favour in our litigation at the court of law over a pending issue (sic)”, he guessed.

He thus challenged the police and all law enforcement agencies to take up the issue and investigate it to the later as he would continue to be a law abiding citizen.




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