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Allow EC To Compile A New Voters Register…DI Fires NDC

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By Adu Koranteng 

Executive Director of the Danquah Institute, Richard Ahiagba, has cautioned the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), and Civil Society Groups to be mindful of their activities aimed at preventing the Electoral Commission (EC) from exercising its constitutional mandate, regarding a decision to compile a new voter’s register.

Mr. Ahiagba thus advised the groups to allow the EC to exercise its constitutional function to enable them to organize a free, fair and credible election this year.

Speaking in an interview with the New Crusading GUIDE, yesterday, Mr Ahiagba said the EC has the sole constitutional power to determine when to compile a voter’s register and the issues of cost and time do not come in so far as they are executing their constitutional mandate.

Here at DI, we are very clear in our minds that the constitution must remain supreme and if the constitution allows the EC to be the sole institution to determine that position, then that must be allowed. If the NDC and the other groups have concerns about how the EC is proceeding with regard to timing and procurement among others and have idea of where we can procure cheaper equipment, then we can bring it up and push the EC to adhere to the rules to save the country some money. Should the EC refuse that, then we can push them to do the right thing.” He said.

According to the DI Boss, the behavior of the NDC and the others is tantamount to subversion of the constitution which he described as a criminal act. “Right now what is happening is that there is an act ongoing to subvert the laid down order of things and the question is are we interested in doing that. Is that what we want to do? Do we want to set the constitution aside because somebody disagrees with the EC? The point is we if do this then somebody can jump in and set the constitution aside with reasons similar to what led to the takeover in 1981. Is this the Kind of country want to build?


The Executive Director of DI said compiling a new voter’s register is not a difficult thing and could be done on time for inspection before the elections in December. This he said has been done before and the EC itself has explained, it has the capacity to do it.

“What we must do as patriotic citizens is to let them give us the time table and if it’s not workable, then we can express concern and discuss it further. So the comments by the Vice president of Imani Kofi Bentil and the likes on news file about timing and all that are peripheral statements.” He argued

He continued: “I say this based on the fact that   the EC should be the only institution that makes decisions and they have made that decision. So any other thing is peripheral as far as I am concerned. The usurpation exercise that the NDC and others are engaged in to prevent the EC from exercising its function is wrong and must be condemned by all Ghanaians. Nobody should force the EC not to perform its function. If the EC decides to stop because of NDC’s intimidation, I think there are Ghanaians in this country who will rise up against it for reneging on its constitutional mandate”


Answering questions on the credibility of the register, he said “The question we must ask ourselves is whether the current register is a reflection of the population? Is it a register full of Ghanaians who are eligible to vote? And the answer is no.”

Mr. Ahiagba, said from activities leading to the 2012 and 2016 elections where there were evidence that were  produced in court that unqualified people were registered makes the register not credible.

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