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Army Men On Rampage!

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 …Fire AK47, Destroy Developers’ Walls In Kokrobite, Claim It’s Military Property

AK 47 rifles-wielding Soldiers and Police officers yesterday descended on landowners who were developing their lands at Kokrobite, firing warning shots, scattering the workers, destroying the walls they were putting up, as well as scattering  the mortar they had mixed, and seizing their tools in the melee.


Led by military officer, Cynthia Addo, who is also claiming ownership of a parcel of land and accompanied by three other police officers: Sgt. Natongna Jonas, Cpl. Appiah Kusi Richard and another who had not been identified as at press time, the men in uniform, used a Grey Mazda vehicle with registration umber: GP-1671-13, a Silver Chrysler vehicle, GW-589-16, and a black Mercedes Benz, GR-8071-13, to wreak havoc.


Cynthia Addo, this paper learnt, subsequently went to the police station with three of her colleagues, with a supposed site plan, an indenture as evidence of her ownership of the land. Their statements were taken by the police as well as those of the care taker and the workers who were able to go to the police station.



Narrating what happened, Mr. Alfred Tetteh, and Asafoatse Ahunu, who were eye witnesses to the whole incident told this paper they suspected Nii Ayinsah Sasaraku III, a sub-chief at Plerno and his sidekick, one Ansah who lives near the Kokrobite police station to be the architects behind the marauding soldiers.


One of the claimants to the land who wants to remain anonymous told the New Crusading GUIDE that “Our mother, Madam Bessie Jones-Quartey, purchased land at Kokrobite and has made all relevant documents on it for my sister and I. From registering the land at the courts, to registering at the various Lands Departments and finally secured Land Titles for us.


Since 2010 however, This Nii Ansah Sasaraku III and his sidekick, Ansah, have been trying to sell the land behind our back. Over the years however, Asafoatse Ahunu and his father, who is now blind have been taking care of the land for us. His father used to farm corn there and was caretaker for my mother and his son, the current Asafoatse of Kokrobite took over the farming”.


He continued: I must say that I am well known to all the Elders of Kokrobite and I knew the late Chief, Nii Ofei but not the current chief. The Dzaase, Sentse, Okyeame and Asafoatse all know me, my mother and sister as owners of the land. There was a previous incident involving this chief and his sidekick in 2010 which I reported to the Property Fraud section of the Police Headquarters.


The individual, one Kwabena, who said he resided in the United State of America said he had bought the land from Sasraku for five thousand Ghana cedis (GHC5000) per plot.  He was invited three times to the Property Fraud section of the Police Headquarters where I had made my report to also present his papers but he never showed up.


In May 2010, I had the opportunity to speak with chief Sasraku and told him the land was not for sale so he should back off and that the case was already with the police headquarters.


Every year, I have the land weeded and my caretaker Asafoatse Ahunu plants his corn. Last year the crop wasn’t good and this year my sister and I decided to build a wall to secure the land, five plots in total, to avoid any other incursions until we are ready to build on it.


On Monday, 6th August 2018, while the boys contracted to clear the land were weeding, I was informed that someone had come to dump sand, stones and blocks on the land. My caretaker, the Asafoatse of Kokorobite, gave me the number of the individual involved and I called to inform her that the land was mine and I had Title to it. She told me she was entering the Emergency Ward at the 37 Military hospital and that they bought the land in 2010. She told me she had no business with me so I should go and deal with the chief. This is the same Sasraku who had tried to do same to me in 2010, causing me to report at the Police Headquarters.


On Thursday, 9th August 2018, I went to inform the Kokrobite Police, with the two Titles in hand, that we were coming to work on our land to which we had Title and I had found property belonging to a trespasser. I made a statement to that effect and left copies of the Indenture with all the appropriate stamps as well as copies of the Land Title with the CID officer named Bismark.


On Friday, 10th August 2018, I had the whole 5 plots graded so work could begin. My Representative, Alfred Tetteh took the necessary drinks to the Nii Dzaase of Kokrobite to pay the fees that the Asafo Boys charged for digging fee and work begun on Monday, 13th August 2018.


On Saturday, 18th August 2018, I was informed by my representative and Caretaker that some people had come into the land claiming ownership and so my representative along with the complainant reported at the police station as well as to the Nii Dzaase of Kokrobite. The CID officer, who already had copies of my documents asked them to return with their documents on the land on Monday, 20th August 2018.

The Nii Dzaase also made the same request and also asked that they present their papers on Monday, 20th August 2018. He already had copies of my Title.

Instead waiting for the police to investigate the matter they decided to use a holiday to cause commotion on a land they know does not belong to them.


Stay tuned.


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