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Beware Of Satanic Doctrines And Fake Christian Theories -Evag. Joe Baning

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Founder and leader of the Living Testimonies for Jesus Bible Ministry (LTJBM), Evangelist Sampson Joe Baning, has called on Christians to be aware of the numerous satanic doctrines and fake theories being preached by some people who claim to be from God but are, in reality, agents of darkness.

According to Evangelist Sampson, the growing number of fake prophets giving fake theories and satanic doctrines is becoming so immense in society that if care is not taken, majority of Christians would become prey to satanic machinations.

At a press conference to reveal his work, titled “Satanic End Time Deception In Christianity Exposed,” Evangelist Sampson Joe Baning averred that these false prophets are making people believe that Christianity is one.

He explained however, that there is a Narrow Way Christianity and the Broadway Christianity and it is about time people understood what each meant so as to secure their redemption and salvation.

Evangelist Sampson Joe Baning said the Narrow Way Christianity teaches people to live for one thing which is Heaven/Paradise whilst the Broadway Christianity teaches followers to live for Hell and the lake of fire.

“These two Christianity are the real test case for Christians and whoever is able to follow the Narrow Way as preached by the word of God will see salvation,” he said.

He also mentioned that true Christianity is about Humility, Obedience, and Salvation which is a doctrine ordained by God.

Preaching anything else apart from what the Bible says is not Christianity.”

According to the world renowned Evangelist, “True Christianity is based on humility and obedience to God’s Word through righteousness or holiness as Jesus led His life and taught us. That Salvation is a Divine concept nurtured by God in His love to save fallen Adamic Man through Jesus Christ of Nazareth but not a story telling concept based on ungodly human factors.”

He urged Christians to strive to enter in at the straight gate “Enter ye in at the straight gate, for wide is the gate and broad is the way that leadeth to destruction and many there be which go I there at (Matt. 7:13 KJV.”

He also spoke against the commercialization of the Gospel of Christ, saying that beside seed sowing, charging of consultation fees and various harvests to sell and extort money are unacceptable.

He however indicated that although Ghana has been strategically situated as a nation important for the gospel revival, it is also a nation that is being scrambled for by satanic forces through the antichrist and false prophets for spiritual hegemony before the dreadful day of the Lord.

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