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Dept. Minister, Former DCE Fight! …Over Mahama’s Comment Against Akufo-Addo

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By Frank Amponsah

Deputy Information Minister, Nana Ama Dokua Asiamah-Adjei, who doubles as the Member of Parliament (MP) for Akropong in the Eastern Region and the former Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) of Akwapim North, George Opare Addo, have been engaged in social media jabs over former President John Dramani Mahama’s comment which described the Akufo-Addo-led administration as “super incompetent” because it had failed to deliver on its promises.

Recall that Ex-President Mahama, while addressing party supporters last Saturday in the Upper West Regional capital, in Wa, said despite the incompetence of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), the National Democratic Congress (NDC) will have to put in extra efforts to win the 2020 elections.

Joining the ‘Obinim sticker’ challenge, John Mahama mockingly said the government needed an ‘Obinim sticker’ to perform.

However, in a swift rebuttal to Mahama’s comments, Deputy Minister of Information went onto her facebook page and rather described former President Mahama as the worst president ever in the history of Ghana, and accused him of being a culprit of election malpractices not only in Ghana but in other nations where he, Mahama, served as an observer.
She posted on her facebook page that 2012 presidential election malpractices in Ghana you were the suspect and beneficiary. 2017 presidential elections in Kenya you went as an observer…. worst observer ever

2018 presidential elections in Sierra Leone you went as an observer…. once again, most incompetent observer in the history of Africa.

An ex-president who can’t monitor elections…. is that one too an ex-president?

After all the trail of embarrassments you brought back to Ghana recently, to remain relevant in Ghana politics, you describe President Akufo-Addo today, as though you were talking about your own self.
A president who may need an Obinim’s sticker is still 100% more competent than an odwan funu.
Enjoy your weekend… Ghana’s worst president ever.”

According to Madam Ama Dokua, Mahama’s “super incompetence” remark was the exact definition of himself during his time as Ghana’s president and not President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo.

Enter, former MCE of Akwiapim North, George Opare Addo, who responded to the deputy minister’s reactions to Mahama’s comments, daring the minister and the Akufo-Addo-led government to prosecute them if they found any case of financial malfeasance or corruption against them.

Read the jabs which ensued between the two on facebook:

George Opare Addo: “Why don’t you prosecute me if I engaged in any illegality? The many lives that were transformed under y watch in the Municipality are evident of what happened. Grow up and behave as a minister of state. U sound more intelligent when you shut up.”

Madam Ama Dokua didn’t take it kindly with him at all but made him aware that the Martin Amidu office would soon pursue him and his bosses.

Madam Ama Dokua “Don’t worry, the prosecution will start soon. The state lands you sold at Kwamoso to the fuel station operator get ready. Before MCE appointment what was your life like? Be patient, Martin Amidu will definitely get to yours. You will account for all those create, loot and share you were involved in. all those useless contracts you awarded orally, you will definitely answer to them.”

“If pointing out the truths to you means I am not growing up, I will rather remain this way and truthful, than to be so unpatriotic and dishonest.”

Madam Ama Dokua described the former MCE as a failure who was only roaming about gazing into space like a zombie.

George Opare Addo: “Nana Ama did you write this nonsense. It is unfortunate our taxes are used in paying your salary.

Madam Ama Dokua: “Yes I wrote these truths myself. Even you… our taxes were painfully deducted and converted to be your income. Have you forgotten the financial liabilities you illegality left in the assembly, you have the effrontery to spew such garbage?

Akwapin North Municipality, under your watch couldn’t improve 1%. Now the entire municipality has seen a complete change in leadership and facelift. Not only was JM incompetent, so were you his appointees. Do you know we still have records of all the illegalities you engaged in while you were in office? All the contracts you orally awarded leaving no documentation yet debts. JM yes, didn’t help himself with his own acts, and his appointees like you worsened the situation. If only one will comment never let it be you. You must be ashamed of your own reckless acts. Stay praying that Martin Amidu doesn’t get hold of you. You were part of the failures of the past administration.

Meanwhile, George Opare Addo who seemed to be losing the fight stated bluntly that, “Are you done with your ranting. I will be waiting for the prosecution. Take my advice and shut up. Too ignorant… Won’t respond to you again.”

Some NDC officials like Stan Dogbe at a point tried joining the conversation to belittle the point the Deputy Minister of Information was raising but could not make any meaningful contribution to aide their colleague’s defense.

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