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Election 2020: HOHOE FALLS FOR NPP …Over Great Developmental Achievements

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The Hohoe community was last Saturday lit with great enthusiastic crowd that met the President, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo and his people when they toured the community with the “Four-More” campaign message.

The President who is touring the Volta Region as part of his campaign ahead of the coming elections, was in Hohoe where he was satisfied with the good works of the Energy Minister and Parliamentary Candidate, Hon. John Peter Amewu.

The achievements of John Peter Amewu according to the President are catalysts for victory for the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the Volta Region.

John Peter Amewu has built a Resource center in Alavanyo, a Community center in Bla, Kledzo, Fodome Amle, renovated community center at Fodome Amle and construct Toilet facility for the people of Amle, Kpoeta, Atabu; and Godenu.

He has also built School block in Woa, Fodome Helu, Hohoe EP SHS (4-Unit Boys Dormitory, 18-Unit Classroom Block), New JHS for the people of Wli, renovated and painted Mosque for Muslims in Zongo, completed the Makaranta School in Nima and supplied laptops for teachers in Entire Hohoe.

Constructed the Hohoe Town roads including a 5 Kilometres chippings overlay, 16 kilometres asphaltic overlay, 51.3 kilometres Have-Hohoe town stretch of the Eastern Corridor road, 8.2 kilometres Fodome – wli Todzi road, 9 Kilometres Fodome- gbledi gborgame road and Fodome – Hohoe road.

John Peter Amewu has also donated vehicle and Motorbikes to Hohoe Municipal Education Office, laptops Entire Hohoe Constituency, vehicles Hohoe Constituency Christian youth 28 Donation of community hearse for the people of Zongo, donated wellington boots, spraying machines, fertilizers and farming inputs for farmers across Hohoe and MASLOC vehicles to small business owners across Hohoe.

His achievements got the President enthused and indicated that 2020 is for the NPP.

Addressing the people of Hohoe during the launch of the 2020 campaign of the New Patriotic Party’s parliamentary candidate for Hohoe, John-Peter Amewu, at the RC Park in Hohoe, Volta Region, the President noted that the Volta Region has seen very little in terms of development over the years, despite voting massively for the National Democratic Congress in successive elections.

According to President Akufo-Addo, “I am sure that all of you have seen that today, the umbrella has got nothing but holes in it. It can no longer act like an umbrella, it got holes in it. When it rains and you put it up, the water will be upon you because it’s no longer working as an umbrella.”

He said, “The umbrella has dominated the politics of the Volta Region in the Fourth Republic, but what are the results? What is the progress that the Volta Region has seen under the umbrella? Zero! Zero! Zero! Absolutely zero!”

Addressing the gathering, President Akufo-Addo indicated that in the three and a half to four years of the ‘elephant’ in the Volta Region, a lot of changes, in terms of development, are taking place in the Volta Region.

“The time has come, with Hohoe in the lead, for the Volta Region to come and sit on the elephant, and the promise I am making you is that, when you get on the elephant, you will never get off the elephant. You will stay there and stay there for years and years and years to come,” he said.

The President stressed that “the elephant has come to bring progress and development to our country. The New Patriotic Party has the blueprint for the development of Ghana. I am inviting you to join the New Patriotic Party for the development of our country.”

In the John-Peter Amewu, President Akufo-Addo was confident that Hohoe has got an excellent candidate, describing him as one of the outstanding ministers of the Akufo-Addo Government.

“He was very good as the minister for lands and natural resources and a brilliant minister of energy. The man who has kept the lights on in our country, the man who is saving us a lot of money, renegotiating with the IPPs of our country. Even without being an MP, you have seen the work that he has been doing in Hohoe. Add MP to the Minister, and you will see the rapid transformation of Hohoe,” he added.

Eastern Corridor road

President Akufo-Addo also assured the Chiefs, Elders, Religious Leaders and Constituents of Hohoe, that if he wins a second term in office, the Eastern Corridor road will be fully completed.

“Eastern Corridor road will be completed within that time in its entirety without a shadow of doubt. Already, a considerable amount of the work has been done and with a little bit more time, we will complete it,” President Akufo-Addo said.

Ghana’s First Micro-Hydro Power Generating Station

The President also commissioned Ghana’s First Micro-Hydro Power Generating Station constructed by the Bui Power Authority under the Ministry of Energy’s renewable energy initiative and said the project is certainly going to improve economic activity and growth in the Alavanyo and Hohoe Municipal Area.

The President, therefore, appealed to residents of Hohoe, and, indeed, the Volta Region, to “continue to trust me, for the next four years is going to be even better than the four years that we’ve gone through. I will not make any commitments to you that I cannot fulfill, I will never do that to the people of Ghana.”

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