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Ghanaian-American Woman Fights Lawyers Over Her Property

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…Kumasi Court To Hear Case June 4

Kumasi Kumasi Human Rights Court will on June 4, 2019 hear a case of injustice meted out to a Ghanaian-American woman, Angelina Sarpong and her five children on their property when she was going through divorce.

She acquired the said property from the Divorce Court for their children since 1990/91 by lawyers like J. K Agyeman for her and, Kwame Tetteh for the man.

However, she narrated that the law is now being tilted to benefit the other side with the help of some lawyers who are trying to subvert the rule of justice.

According Madam Angelina Sarpongjustice now seems to be sold to the highest bidder in her circumstance.

Read below encore of a story New Crusading GUIDE published on the developments some months ago:


 A Ghanaian- American woman living abroad, Angelina G. Sarpong, has petitioned to the President, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, to set up a committee that will serve justice to her, all women and people living abroad who have in one way or the other lost their properties as a result of manipulations by lawyers and judges through injustice.

She alleged that justice is now being sold behind closed doors to the highest bidder, whereas the innocent rather suffers for losing their properties and incurring high legal fees. She petitioned that the President must fight against injustice, especially against women and those of them abroad, sending monies to support families, and helping the economy in some ways. 

In her petition to the President, she enumerated that since 2013 she had experienced injustice in the case involving her and her five children that she holds trustee for them on their property. She narrated that from 1985 to 1991, when she was going through her divorce case, lawyers from both sides could even see who was at fault and consented to settle and contact the Judge to give Consent Judgement for peace to prevail on both sides, supported by Rawlings Law Article 111.

Compare to now, the case that she is going through is the property that she got from the Divorce Court for their children since 1990/91 by good lawyers like J. K Agyeman for her and, Kwame Tetteh for the man.  Seeing that it was his fault, being a plain justice and nothing more than turning the law to be an Ass or twisted Justice like Judges Ankamah who was recently at Town Hall Court, Kumasi, and two other Judges also in Kumasi, following suit for probably being in the same society, she said.  That there is nothing called Justice, only follow up with what the other did-seeking each other’s interest.  And that President Nana Akufo Addo being a former lawyer himself, should stamp his feet and seek justice for the innocent and the poor.

“Which law says that one’s property could be sold because the Lawyer’s License was expired?  And the lawyer even proved them wrong by showing his renewed license.  And also to know again, how a trusteeship property could be sold through an Auction to defray the loan of a deceased person whose name was not on the indenture, but for the children given by another court during divorce settlement from both their sweat, proved in court beyond any reasonable doubt, that led to the sharing of the properties equally, she noted.

Madam Angelina indicated that, some of the law makers themselves are selling the cases and alleged that “Two lawyers are also feeding fat on her case.  One such lawyers was Hans Koduah.  Who forced his way as Asantehene’s lawyer to get advance of his fees, and promised that he could get these back, but went to court twice and stop.  The other lawyer whose father she knows also studied the documents and said this was a straight forward case, and got 2/3 advance and started only adjournments. When questioned him about the delay, that Lawyer told her he could even refund her fees.  Now he had paid part, refusing to pay the full refund will bring his name appear next time.

That means she had a good case, but those lawyers got her money first, and got more money from the respondent to mess- up the case.  Which means the opponent had bidden higher knowing he is buying an illegal property, through corrupt lawyers and Judges feeding fat on such cases and others,” she said. Where is the Justice going in Ghana now?

She also explained that the case in question was with a man whom she had five kids with, and out of sympathy, allowed the man to live in the house when he got sick and ran bankrupt, being cared by those children.  He however confided in her to let his two oldest children move away from him because of the way he claimed they had been stealing from him apart from all he had given them. The petitioner stated that she sold one house and gave them some monies to rent their own places. According to her, then the steps children and the man’s brother, who is now diseased, allegedly conspired with others, refusing to bring the agreement on the debts for evaluation by his lawyer, William Kusi Esquire, who is still on the case for knowing all the truth from when his client was even alive, and said that house was for her other children with Ex-wife.

“They rather teamed up with these fictitious people to sell this property at Adiebeba, Kumasi, on technicalities according to the Judge of the expiration of the license of her lawyer. Why should a lame woman’s property be lost due to the negligence work of her lawyer, that even the lawyer proved the Judge wrong.  She mentioned that after paying this fictitious debt, the rest of the money was shared among all those involved including “the Judge, the registrar, the step children and the others who formed that team revealed by the private Investigation.  Whiles the buyer is saying he had money to pay his way to own that house.  He was able to get the transfers into his name with the Land commission even before one ruling.  And bid the Auction to be paid in about six months.

 I pray that your good leadership would let the Rule of Law prevail, being part of your policy that we know. I will be glad for your assistance, and if you could involve Women’s Ministry and FIDA (Federation of Women Lawyers Association} in the committee, being a woman myself.

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