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Alistair Jude Mathias Fights Back! …Lawyers Say Guldrest Resources Company Limited Boss Rather Owe USD$9.2 Million

Published in News Monday, 28 August 2017 07:34


We act as solicitors for Mr. Alistair Jude Mathias and hold his firm instruction to write to you on the above-mentioned subject matter.

Our client instructs us that on the 24th day of July 2017, your newspaper made a banner headline stating “POLICE AIDING CANADIAN IN A US$4M FRAUD” with the picture of our client.


In the said publication, although you placed a question mark on the said publication, the substance in the banner headline to all reasonable individual is a conclusive finding that the prosecutor and investigator handling a criminal complaint are unlawfully aiding our client. This story was published in various websites on the 23rd day of July 2017 before it was eventually published by your newspaper. This publication was reviewed on several radio and TV stations.

It is our reasoned opinion that the banner headline as represented to the entire Ghanaian populace is defamatory of our client’s hard earned reputation as a business man of integrity and honor as same is untrue and represents our client as unlawfully influencing officers of the Ghana police. This publication has not only damaged our client’s reputation both locally and internationally but has also cause and still causing him psychological and emotional trauma together his young family. The said publication has subjected him to public opprobrium and shuns, extreme embarrassment and caused him great hardship and expense.

This is not the first time that your newspaper has made such defamatory publication about our client. On the 15th day of September 2014, your newspaper made a banner headline stating “CANADIAN DUPES GHANAIAN BUSINESSMAN $4M?” with the picture of our client. The substance of the banner to all reasonable individuals was conclusive finding that our client has duped a “certain Ghanaian businessman”, whom you curiously failed, refused and/or neglected to mention. This same story was also been carried out on your website as well as reviewed on TV and radio stations.  This story, just as instant publication also failed to name the complainant in the case in the person of Mr. Henry Osei. We notified you of such defamatory story by our letter dated the 16th day of September 2014.

In all this publications, your newspaper failed, neglected and/or refused to speak to our client or his lawyers for our side of the story in accordance with journalist standard that your newspaper purports to uphold. It is therefore our reasoned opinion that your newspaper is being used as a tool to tarnish our client’s reputation. Although the reporter of the story is not named we are reliably informed that one JULIAN ABEDI is the one who is filing these reports. This notwithstanding we have attached copy of our client’s letter and documentation forwarded to  officers of the Ghana Police showing that this same matter was referred to the Police has been tried in UAE wherein our client has been acquitted and discharged. The UAE court further ordered the complainant of the case, Mr. Henry Osei, and his  company in Ghana, Guldrest Resources Company Limited[Ghana], to pay our client an amount of USD$9.2 Million.

In the light of the circumstances our client instruct us to demand from your outfit, which we hereby firmly do, to WITHIN FOURTY EIGHT HOURS [48HRS], upon receipt of this letter, to retract the aforesaid publication and apologies unreservedly for same, with the same prominence as the said publication was carried out, in your tabloid.

Be advised that our client intends to take legal actions against your outfit and several others, should you fail, refuse and/or neglect to act/perform as requested. Should you provoke any such needless recourse to litigation, our client intends to to claim not only damages for defamation of his character and person, but also special damages, litigation fees and expenses as well as cost thereof.

Be advised accordingly.

Yours faithfully


Dennis Adjei Dwomoh  

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