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We Will Build Society Where Dreams Are Possible - Togbega Adiko VI

Published in News Monday, 02 October 2017 10:19

Togbega Kodi Adiko VI, the newly installed Paramount Chief of the Tanyigbe Traditional Area in the Volta Region, has assured that with the support of his elders and people, he will forge a society where dreams are possible and create an enabling environment that empowers every Tanyigbe citizen to realize their goals.


“But as your new leader, I am mindful of the many challenges that will confront us.  Tanyigbe’s challenges are real but we will deal with them. Our challenges may not be easy to overcome, but we will mobilize our strength to overtake each of them. With your help, we will fight Tanyigbe’s greatest enemies - youth unemployment, poverty, disease and underdevelopment”, he stated.

Togbega Kodi Adiko VI was speaking shortly after he was outdoored as the new paramount chief of the Tanyigbe Traditional Area.  The chief who is known in private life as Roland Kofi Adiko is a pharmacist and businessman. He replaced the late chief, Togbega Kwasi Adiko V who had reigned for sixty-four (64) years. He is the biological son of the deceased chief.

The installation which coincided with the Yam Festival of the people of Tanyigbe was full of pomp and pageantry and was attended by people from all walks of life, including prominent citizens and personalities. The Special Guest of honour was the Deputy Minister for Chieftaincy and Religious Affairs, Hon. Paul Essien. Other guests were Hon. Nana Oye Lithur, former Minister of Gender, Children and Social Protection, Hon. Dzifa Attivor, former Minister of Transport, Koku Anyidoho, Deputy General Secretary of the NDC, Maj. General Henry Anyidoho (Rtd) a celebrated army officer, the Namibian High Commissioner and many other personalities. The festival was chaired by Nana Soglo Alloh IV, President of Volta Region House of Chiefs and Osie Adzatekpor, Paramount Chief of Avatime.

 According to Togbega Adiko VI, he and his elders won’t rest on their oars but work hard to put Tanyigbe on the path of economic growth and sustainable development. “We are rebranding as a unique Traditional area that will be a wonder to every eye”, he added.

Touching on youth development, he said he will prioritize youth entrepreneurship, adding “I am going to promote Youth in ICT and introduce Special Skills Training programmes for the youth. I also pledge to build with you a Special Youth Centre here in Tanyigbe”.

“Education is critical to the development of any society. And it is my aim to give the education of Tanyigbe people the greatest priority.  It is my earnest desire to see that Tanyigbe becomes the Land of the Educated. In consultation with my fellow Chiefs and Elders, we will work to set up a Tanyigbe Educational Fund”, Togbega Adiko VI said.

The fund, he said will be used to support all persons who are brilliant but poor. “We shall also focus on infrastructure development to ensure that quality of education is improved remarkably”.


Touching on Healthcare, Togbega Adiko VI called on his people to join forces to fight Malaria, High-blood Pressure, Maternal and Infant Mortality, Teenage Pregnancies, Diabetes, and Communicable diseases that are destroying lives in the community.

 “My leadership has already advanced discussions with relevant national and international partners, to promote the health of the Tanyigbe people. I encourage you all to take advantage of these opportunities when they come - to make healthy choices, embark on regular check-up and access medical help when needed”, he added, saying he will work towards the completion of their Health Center  in Tanyigbe.

On Trade and Tourism, the chief said, we will work hard in ensuring Tanyigbe becomes a top destination for tourism and investment. “We will build a Tanyigbe whose arms are wide open – open for the world to see the richness within- our culture, our yam festival, our forests, mountains and our water bodies”, he said.

In this regard, Togbega Adiko VI said they have worked to complete a Facebook page for Tanyigbe Community and Tanyigbe Stool and have also developed an all-modern and interactive website for the Tanyigbe Community: www.tanyigbe.com.

“We welcome Government and Development Agencies to partner with us. Partnerships that will achieve national development goals here in Tanyigbe. Partnerships that will achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) right here for our people. Our goal and our dream is the establishment of Tanyigbe’s dignity, progress and prosperity”, he added.




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