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Road Safety Ambassador Honoured ...For Good Work

Published in News Thursday, 12 October 2017 09:59

The Akyem Asuom Traditional Council led by Osabarimah Ofosuhene Apenteng II (Akyem Asuomhene) have recognised the role and the contributions of the National Road Safety Ambassador, Gabby Adu Gyamfi in helping curb road crashes and championing road safety in Ghana.

According to the Chief he is sometimes traumatised when there is road accident in the country. And he is excited that, an accident victim has decided to go round to share his experience and tell his story to motorist for them to change their attitudes on road that leads to road accidents. The boldness and passion is very inspirational. 

Mr. Gabby Adu Gyamfi is the only survivor in an accident that involved 30 pasengers which occurred on July 11, 2003 at Sewhuah Junction off the Kumasi lake Bosomtwe road in the Ashanti Region.

Mr. Gabby Adu Gyamfi is now a well-known road safety Ambassador who is committed to road safety improvement in the country. 

He has significantly helped to increase awareness on best road safety procedures in the country in collaboration with the DVLA, police, and the Road safety commission. Where in every district they go, they make sure motorist in the area, register their vehicles and also help them acquire driving license. 

Currently over 1,648 motorists have been trained with an amount of Ghc800,000 revenue generated for the Government through DVLA.

Mr. Gabby emphasis that the nation lose so much when there is an accident in the country. 

Presenting the award to him, Osabarimah Ofosuhene Apenteng II called on all chiefs to join the campaign on road safety and always preach it at every durbar.
He encouraged him to continue since it’s a good fight.
He said chiefs are ready to support the government to establish a DVLA annex office at Akyem Kade to help the drivers.

He called all and sundry to contribute to end Road accidents in the country.



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