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Gomoa East MP Illegally Grabs Land …In Guise Of 1D1F Project

Published in News Wednesday, 22 November 2017 11:43

The Member of Parliament (MP) for the Gomoa East Constituency in the Central Region, Kojo Asemanyi, has been accused of illegally claiming ownership of a land belonging to Kas Esates at Okyereko for the one- district one- factory initiative to help him gain political favour from President Akufo Addo.



Kojo Asemanyi, according to information has connived with Wei International, an NGO, to illegally claim ownership of the land which was legally acquired by Kas Estates six years ago to help him fulfill his promise to President Akufo Addo.

Allegedly, the MP promised to freely give out a parcel of land to the government for an establishment of a factory for the one- district one -factory initiative and therefore no way he could fail to fulfill his promise.

According to information, the MP is using high office and has also connived with the Kasoa Divisional Police commander, Dennis Abade to bully and harass officials of Kas Estates whenever they visited the site.

The Kas Estates officials also informed this paper that, the MP with supports from the police has persistently being demolishing  properties belonging to clients of Kas Estates clients to pave way for the construction of a factory on the land.

According to further information, Wel international, with supports from the Kasoa police and the MP recently besieged the land with excavators under the protection of the police to cause havoc on the land.

Speaking with the media, Mr. Yaya Kassim Attah, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for Kas Estates, alleged that the Kasoa police divisional command, Dennis Abade requested both parties to pay a sum of GHc150, 000 to conduct investigations into the matter but well international refused to pay after realizing they were not the rightful owners of the land.

 “The MP has on several platforms confirmed the said properties belong to Kas Estates and I could therefore not understand why he cannot contact us for settlement of the matter amicably” he hinted.

Meanwhile, when contacted, Mr. Asemanyi indicated that he has no hand in the issue and was therefore just acting as an opinion leader in the area.

He therefore called on the authorities of both Kas Estates and Wei International to go to the law court and settle the issue.



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