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Fight Against Siting Of Fuel Station Chiefs, Elders Join The Fray

Published in News Monday, 04 December 2017 10:20

Council of Chiefs and Elders of Manhean have added their voice to the call on state regulatory bodies—National Petroleum Authority (NPA), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Town and Council Planning—to ensure that management of Glee Oil, a privately-owned petroleum company, is completely stopped

from constructing a fuel station at Manhean Numotsen in the Ga West Municipal, Greater Accra Region.

According to the Manhean council of chiefs and elders, the location of the intended Glee Oil station will pose grave danger not only to residents, but more especially to the two schools in the area, in the event of an explosion.

Chairman of the Council of Chiefs and Elders of Manhean ex-SWO Nii Laryea Quartey, made the call at a press briefing in his palace at Manhean over the weekend.

The Manhean council of chiefs and elders were reacting to a recent media publication in which a Supervisor of Glee Oil, Alhaji Musah, alleged that the chief of Manhean wanted to resell the land they intend to use for the siting of a fuel station.

Consequently, he denied flatly the allegation that a chief of Manhean wanted to resell that piece of land.

However, ex-SWO Quartey dared owner(s) of Glee Oil to show them documentation of the said land since they claim they purchased it seventeen (17) years ago.

"Everybody in Manhean is speaking against the planned fuel station by Glee Oil and as Council of Chiefs and Elders of Manhean it has become a source of worry to us," ex-SWP Quartey expressed.

He could also not fathom why Glee Oil was bent on building a fuel station at the said location, "more especially when that land was not spacious enough to accommodate a fuel station."

Ex-SWO Quartey, who is also the Head of Kpakpatseiwe family of Akwashun We, Manhean, further warned that the consequences of not stopping the filling station now will be too much for the country to bear in the near future.

He pointed out that at best that piece of land must be used for a residential facility but stressed that not to build a fuel station.


He therefore, made it clear that he will employ all legal means to ensure that Glee Oil is prevented from building a fuel station at Manhean Numotsen.

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