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AGRO-ECOM Grabs Cocoa Award

Published in News Wednesday, 06 December 2017 10:39

In recognition of their contribution towards the Economic development of Ashanti Manhyia Palace over the weekend presented Gold Award to Agro-Ecom for their immense support to Ghana’ cocoa industry. Ashanti Business Excellence Awards organized under the Authority of Manhyia Palace conferred the award on Agro Ecom Ghana Limited for their continues assistance to Cocoa Marketing.

Agro Ecom Ghana is part of the Ecom Group which is a Swiss-based commodity merchant and sustainable supply chain Management Company with operations in over 40 countries worldwide.

In Ghana, the company is a member of Cocoa Buyers Association of Ghana (LICOBAG) and work with over 140,000 farmers.

The Company has the vision to show that through our innovation and entrepreneurship, we help build prosperity. This means that everything we do is based on the principle of building wealth for the farmers.

Whilst we are the leading private licensed cocoa buying company in Ghana, we also buy and sell other crops such as cashew and sesame. We guide and train farmers on how to reach sustainability and high quality, certified produce as well as create awareness of broader social and environmental issues. We provide input products that yield healthy crops and offer innovative micro-finance options. We also run a large logistics business with a fleet of almost 150 modern trucks.

We constantly innovate, create efficiencies and empower our farmers to grow their businesses. This has positioned us at the forefront of changing the industry, driving a unique business model that safe-guards the future of cocoa and other crops in Ghana whilst building prosperity in rural community.

We have a staff capacity of 500 full time employees at AgroEcom Ghana and individual engagement with 5,000 stakeholders and over 140,000 farmers.


The Administrative Manager of Agro Ecom Seth Hammond who received the award on behalf of the company pledged the commitment of the company to continue with its vision of ensuring that cocoa farmers in the country gets the best support from Agro Ecom. 

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