Frank Lewi Remains Attorney Of Lomo ‘We’


The lawful attorney of the Lomo ‘We’ of La, Mr. Frank Kofi Lewi has through his lawyers responded in a strong worded reply to a letter from a certain Kingsley Adjei Lomo and Andrews Adjei Lomo purporting to have revoked his Power of Attorney.


Without recourse to the family hierarchy, Kingsley and Andrew Lomo had on their own written a letter on the 1st March 2017 to give notice to Frank Lewi that they had revoked his instrument of Power of Attorney and declared that all power and authority conferred by the said instrument to represent the Lomo ‘We’ of the Dzraase Quarter in La has been withdrawn and stands revoked.

But the lawyers of Frank Lewi, Messrs. Abada &Co. writing with the consent of his other lawyers including Pwamang & Associates, Zoe, Akyea & Co. and Awudu, Babanawo & Co. in their response stated that they are aware that their client’s services were sought after by Nii Adjei Npa (deceased) and Nii Lomo Ogyensu as joint heads of the Nmati Dzraase quarter of La to act as their lawful Attorney to protect the Quarter’s interests in its landed properties and has been doing so until the death of one of the guarantors.

They noted that their client has engaged the services of all these lawyers who have been doing everything possible to protect the family’s interest and has equally made a lot of financial investment since he assumed his responsibility and therefore wonders if that instant and whimsical letter from the two considered the repercussions in terms of repayment of what he is owed under the instrument so executed between himself and the accredited representatives.

Lawyer Oliver Atsu Abada from Abada & Co. writing for the rest also indicated that their client is under no illusion that the instant letter is not only fraudulent but also to overreach the accredited leadership of the quarter who have not been consulted nor would ever give their approval to such a letter.


He also seized the opportunity to inform the duo that seeing that this is fraud being perpetrated, he has copied the law enforcement agencies about their letter and attached a copy as well for their perusal and the necessary action.


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