C4C Group Unveils Health Insurance Card … To Mitigate Financial Challenges


By Frank Amponsah

The C4C Homeopathic Hospital has unveiled Health Insurance card for clients to allow anyone who is insured under the hospital’s Insurance Policy to receive treatment at a reduced cost.

The introduction of the Insurance Card is part of the Hospital’s Health Insurance policy which has been fashioned to mitigate the financial health challenges Ghanaians face.

This has become necessary to complement the efforts of the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) which is struggling.

In an interview with Rev. Dr. Franklin K. Boadu, Director of C4C Homeopathic Hospital, during the unveiling ceremony, he noted that Ghana’s mission at implementing the one time health insurance scheme seems to have some burden or challenges and that facilities like C4C has decided to implement its own scheme/policy to ease the burden of prospective subscribers of the NHIA.

He said, the National Health Insurance Scheme concept was plantedd on a single premium payment where if implemented, would have afforded prospective subscribers to pay a onetime premium without making any future payments.

C4C, he said has come to offer hope andd the needed intervention to bring aid to the prospective patients.

Rev. Dr. Franklin K. Boadu said, the collapse of the NHIS could have dire consequences of the current Health system, hence the needd for private health institutions to get on board to augment government efforts in that area.

“There is therefore the need for such private initiatives to be encouraged to serve as a buffer to complement efforts of the government in providing health care needs of the people. The C4C Health Insurance scheme is designed specifically as a one stock shop of all medical needs and it comes by making onetime payment, renewable yearly. The premium involved is within the reach of the ordinary person.” he assuredd.

He explained that, C4C homeopathic Group offers essential medical services to cater for the needs of patients and clients under the Insurance scheme including free folder, free laboratory, free consultation services, free physiotherapy services, free dietary consultation, among others.

“It is worth mentioning that the C4C has started piloting the initiative in some selected Regional and District capitals dotted across the country.”

The C4C Health Insurance Imitative is expected to replicate this into full operation in the other regional and district capitals but currently operating in seven Regions of Ghana.

Apart from its Health Insurance Scheme, The C4C Homeopathic Hospital has implemented the Homeopathic Training Placement Programme to reduce the high rate of unemployment in the country and offer a big sigh of relief to lift some of the burden off government in the area of employment.

The C4C Group of Companies also has approval from the Ghana Education Service to treat students in second cycle institutions using homeopathy aided in the programme’s implementation.

With this initiative, the Group could hire close to 3,000 Ghanaian youth in the health sector, andd give existing health workers as well as health graduates additional training in homeopathy healthcare and homeopathic medicine who would be posted to the seven homeopathic hospitals across the country for clinicals, after which they would be posted to the various senior high schools under GES in the country.


The Homeopathic Training Placement Programme is a public-private partnership between the C4C Group of Companies, the Ghana Education Service, and the Alternative Medical Association of Ghana (AMAG).


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