I’m Still Tetegu Chief ...Nii Kofi Kumah Fights Back



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Chief of Tetegu, a predominantly fishing community in the Ga South Municipality of the Greater Accra Region, Nii Kofi Kumah I, has rubbished reports that he had been destooled by Paramount Chief of Ngleshie Alata Traditional Area at James Town, Oblempong Nii Kojo Ababio V.

Nii Kofi Kumah I appears not to be happy with media reports that he had been destooled on the grounds of creating unnecessary chieftaincy and land disputes in Tetegu, saying that no such action has been taken by legitimate kingmakers and elders of Tetegu and Aplaku Stools who legally and traditionally estooled him. The anger of the chief stems from the attempts by Stool Secretary of Ngleshie Alata Traditional Area, Nii Akwawei Bonso III and six elders of Tetegu who are Elias Dormenyo Vorvornu, Livingstone Atukpah, Amuzu Atukpah, Happy Atukpah, Naa Kafui Kuwornu and Gershon Tamekloe with supreme Obrempong Nii Kojo Ababio V to indicate that Nii Kofi Kumah is virtually aligning himself with Tare Properties Development Company Limited to illegally take some portions of lands at Tetegu free of charge. Reports in the media showed letter dated Friday March 10, 2017 signed by Stool Secretary of Ngleshie Alata Traditional Area, Nii Akwawei Bonso III with the instructions of Oblempong Nii Kojo Ababio V to inform Nii Kofi Kumah I to disown himself as Tetegu Mantse with immediate effect The two-page destoolent letter, according to reports in the media was copied to the Greater Accra Regional Commander of Ghana Police Service and Weija Divisional Police Commander in the Ga State for the notification of the action taken by Oblempong Nii Kojo Ababio V and his elders to destool Nii Kofi Kuma I. The letter was also copied to Naa Kafui Kuwornu, Tetegu Queen-Mother, Mr. Elias Awuku Dormenyo Vorvornu,Principal Elder of Tetegu, Mr. Happy Atukpah, Tetegu Asafoatse, Livingstone Atukpah; Tetegu Ligust, Amuzu Atukpah; Tetegu Stool Elder and Gershon Tamekloe,Tetegu Stool Elder, Numo Teeteh Nartey, Aplaku Wulomo, Nii Tettey Mensah; Weku Nukpa and Nii Ahene, Aplaku Linguist. However, Nii Kofi Kumah I in the counter claim at a press conference over the weekend dared those peddling falsehood that he has been destooled as the chief of Tetegu to come and show where they hail from if indeed they are recognised and legitimate persons to destool a chief at Tetegu. “I was enstooled in August 4,1999 by legitimate kingmakers and elders of Aplaku Royal and Tetegu Stools including Yaw Logah,Agbo Sofeda, James Kpormegbe, Kwafzo Ngadeva, Kofi Hotor Abotsi, Alfred Logo, all from Tetegu as well as, Nii Okoso I, late Aplaku Mantse, Ataa Bagah, Nii Attram Mensah, Nii Attram Yartey,Nii Kabu and Nii Ayita from Apleku through due traditional process so let my critics know that the elders of Ngleshie Alata Traditional Council at James Town in Accra does not enstooled me and so they cannot destool somebody they did not enstool. “I am still the Tetegu chief. Go and tell Nii Akwawei Bonso III and other unauthorized elders of Tetegu following him that this attack on me should be their first and last, the next time they go to public with this unnecessary attack on me they will leave to regret and l will deal with them one-by-one,” Nii Kofi Kumah angrily said. According to the chief of Tetegu, he was taken aback when the news went viral that he has been destooled by Nii Obrempong Nii Kojo Ababio without any prefered chieftaincy charges against him. Nii Kofi Kumah I noted that he is a law abiding citizen who believes in the rule of the law,saying that he would not tolerate anybody to use an dubious tactics to take from him what is "traditionally and legally belong to him." "I would prefer if l have done something which is not in the like of Obrempong Nii Kofi Ababio V and his kinsmen, the only thing as a good leader who confined, installed as well as who I swore the oath of allegience to at James Town in Accra somewhere in 2000 should do was to invite me to his palace for questioning.”...but l am surprised our president and our overlord did not do so and what l see is a letter of destoolment which he (Obrempong Nii Kojo Ababio V) had asked his secretary to serve me on Wednesday March 15, 2017 that l was destooled. So is it that the proper way in our tradition to destool a chief in this modern Ghana? Nii Kofi Kumah sadly asked. Narrating the historical antencedent of the matter, Nii Kofi Kumah I stated that in 2000 after his swearing of the traditional oath of allegience at James Town Stool in Accra, a protracted claim of ownership conflict of Tetegu lands ensued between the elders of Tetegu and the late Dansoman Mantse, Nii Kojo Danso I, which resulted in the loss of human lives and properties. According to the chief, the conflit attracted court suit verses Nii Kojo Danso I who was substituted by Samuel Arko Danso, the plaintiff and the late Aplaku Mantse, Ayita Tsuru I (substituted by Nii Kofi Kumah I), Tare Properties Development Company Limited and Lands Commission as defendants in May 24, 2005, for which the court has placed interlocutory injunction on the Tetegu, on May 29, 2006.

He stated that the final judgment of the case which was pursued for almost eight years was delivered by Accra Fast Truck High Court presided over by Justice N.C. Abodakpi on May 31, 2013 in favour of the defendants. Nii Kofi Kumah explained that during the trial of the case in Accra Fast Truck High Court none of the so-called elders or owners of Tetegu lands who are currently "fighting me for the ownership claim of the said land could not support me either financially or morally." "So now that l win the case over ownership of Tetegu lands with the supreme support of my lawyer they are fighting and wanted me to be destooled so that they can have their field day over the land...,l would not allow them unless blood would be shed," Nii Kofi Kumah in an angry tone vowed.


 He pointed out that the issue which sparked misunderstanding between him and some elders in Tetegu was that these unscrupulous elders took advantage of the pendency of court cass to "indiscriminately sell off the lands at Tetegu which was legally leased to Tare Properties Development Company Limited for development projects to organisations and individuals. According to Nii Kofi Kumah, he resisted the action of the elders to sell the lands to unsuspecting organisations and individuals since the practice would lead the elders of Tetegu to breach the contractual agreement between the company and Tetegu community which hitherto would amounts to judgment debt in favour of the company. To this end, Nii Kofi Kumah dared some elders and kingmakers of Ngleshie Alata Traditional Council at James Town who are supporting the so-called elders of Tetegu who wanted him to be destooled to come to Tetegu and witness how these people encroached on the land which was leased to the company to carry out development projects. The Tetegu Chief expressed worry about the wanton sale of tha lands which were earmarked for hospital, school, police station, market entre and Football Park by these elders to individuals and organisations. 


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