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Police officers from the Special and Tactics (SWAT) and the Counter Terrorism Units of the Ghana Police Service in the Greater Accra have apprehended seventeen (17) persons suspected to be some of the notorious land guards operating in the region together with a knownlandguards’ lords- Theophilous Ankama Aryee and his brother, Prosper Aryee. ...
By Our Reporter Former President John Agyekum Kufuor has commended the efforts of the Jospong Group of Companies in creating a healthy and clean saying that the country should continue to build its relationship with private entities such as Jospong Group so as to achieve its developmental goals. ...

‘Fake’ Cocoa Chemicals On Market! …Amajaro Accused

Published in politics
Sunday, 10 December 2017 23:29
Amajaro, one of Ghana’s biggest players in the cocoa industry, although not withoutcontroversies  has beenaccused  as the brain behind the distribution of certain chemicals for sale to unsuspecting cocoafamers which is doing more harm than good to the cash crop. ...
By Frank Amponsah Information gathered by The New Crusading GUIDE indicates that people who are fronting or serving as middlemen between fishermen in some remote communities and the National Premix Fuel Committee are the ones engaging in the diversion of Premix fuel in the country. ...
Senior journalist, Abdul Malik Kwaku Baako has condemned spiritualists who have linked a fatal health crisis in Kumasi Academy (KUMACA) to spiritual causes. ...

Former Chief Fire Officer Grabs PhD In Religious Studies

Published in News
Friday, 08 December 2017 10:58
THE FORMER Chief Fire Officer,Mr Albert Brown Gaisie has called for the need of Christians to embark on extensive research biblical studies in order not to be deceived by imposters. ...
By Alex Boye The royal gates of the Abuakwa Traditional area have accused the  Kyebi Traditional Executive Council  of imposing  unqualified chiefs on them . ...

Stop Threatening Me - Allotey Jacobs Warns Woyome

Published in politics
Friday, 08 December 2017 10:39
Bernard Allotey Jacobs has warned Alfred Agbesi Woyome to stop sending him threatening messages in an attempt to intimidate him for commenting on his judgement debt scandal. ...
Whereas  the LPG Marketing Companies Association of Ghana (LPGMCAG) hails the new LPG policy set by Government to address challenges in the LPG value chain and benchmark standard operating procedures to international standards it has  explicitly expressed reservations about proposed new value chain by the main regulator, the National Petroleum Auth...
The Concern Voters Movement (CVM) is appealing to the Minister of Interior, the National Security Minister, the Procurement Minister and the Ghana Police Council Ghana to intervene and cancel the Pilot Project being undertaking by Kojo Graham’s VAS-INTEL and Stratom for the Ghana Police Service. ...
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