LEAVE ME ALONE ...Kufuor Tells Rawlings



Former President John Agyekum Kufuor has expressed shock and dismay at comments made by Former President Jerry John Rawlings  in a  recent interview  he granted  to the ‘Daily Graphic’ in which he made false claims about him.

In the said interview, Mr. Rawlings alleged that late Former NPP Chairman and Former Speaker of Parliament, Mr. Peter Ala Adjetey, warned Mr. Kufuor to drop a case against his son, Larry Adjetey, which he (Kufuor) subsequently obliged.

“There is no truth whatsoever in this allegation.  I wonder what ails Rawlings to make him always try to impugn my integrity in his interviews”. President Kufuor lamented.

For Mr. Kufuor if his predecessor wants to continue to blow trumpets from rooftops about his integrity and incorruptibility, he should do so, but him leave alone.

He denied trying to prosecute Larry Adjetey and later relenting because his father, Peter, threatened him.

“The circumstances of his (Rawlings) wife’s (Nana Konadu) trial is a matter of public record, available for anybody who cares, to verify.

“Rawlings should stop posturing as the only person of integrity and truth, Former President Kufuor said.

He said the claim by Former President Rawlings that he “borrowed money to help out some NDC members in hardship, during his (Kufuor’s) administration” is playing to the gallery, as he hypocritically forgets the vindictiveness and hardships his nineteen year long leadership of state perpetrated on the people of Ghana.




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