RED FLAGS FLY …Over Decision To Appoint Baffour Awuah On Prison Council


By Frank Amponsah

Ahead of an official announcement, some Prison officers in the country have raised red flags against President Nana Akufo-Addo’s decision to appoint the former Director General of the Service, Mrs. Matilda Baffour Awuah, to serve on the Prison Council.

According to the officers who spoke to this paper on condition of strict anonymity, appointing the former director general onto the Council would spell doom for the council considering how she how abysmally she performed during her term as the Director General.

The officers who have indicated their preparedness to stand against any move to appoint Mrs. Matilda Baffour Awuah onto the council indicated that, her term as DG was filled with victimizing of officers and personnel.

Some of the officers claimed that Ms. Matilda Baffour-Awuah could decide who to promote and who not to promote and virtually sat on the promotions of some officers who were not in her good books.

Madam Baffour-Awuah, according to the officers, allegedly promoted junior officer over seniors in the service, a situation which created serious anarchy within the service.

“Look, when she was the Director General, she on several occasions bypassed senior officers and issue instructions to junior officers. Even fellow officers could not relate among themselves without incurring the wrath of this woman...those who were not lucky found themselves in serious trouble," they reiterated.

It could be recall that, several petitions were sent to the then Minister of Interior over the conduct of Mrs. Matilda Baffour Awuah when she was heading the Prison Service.

They said that the Director General instead of looking at how best to make the prisons better was fighting officers over nothing whilst abandoning the welfare of personnel.

It has also been revealed that during her term as the Director General, accoutrements for personnel and other things did not exist but she arbitrary transferred officers just to victimize them for doing nothing.


According to them, the Prison Council must consist of people with the right mentality on how to help build a better service and not people who would put their personal interest first.

They are therefore appealing to President Akufo-Addo to rescind any decision of getting Matilda Baffour Awuah onto the Prison Council since her presence on the Council would not auger well for the service.


Meanwhile, all efforts to reach Matilda Baffour-Awuah to for her response to the allegations hit on a snag. Stay tuned

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