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‘Hawa Yakubu’ Honoured For Hard Work

Published in politics Thursday, 31 August 2017 09:41

The Assemblywoman for the Ofankor Electoral Area in the GreaterAccra Region,Ms. Humu Dilley Saeed has been honoured by the Chief of the area, NiiKortey Boi (Obiani Ehi ) forbringing massive  developments to the community.


The development-oriented politician, who is regarded by many as the new Hawa Yakubu was honoured last weekend when the people of the area climaxed their Homowo celebration with an award ceremony to acknowledge hardworking individuals in the area.  She is now the Nkosoo Hemaa or Naa Kordey for the area.

Addressing a colourful durbar, the Chief of Ofankor, Nii Kortey Boi, commended the assembly member for her numerous development projects and urged stakeholders to support her.

The chief further described the assemblywoman as “hardworking, affable and reliable”.

Nii Kortey Boi, explained that even though the dynamic assemblywoman is not a Ga by birth, she has proven to the chiefs and people of Ofankor that the community is her home”.

“Gas by their nature love their own but we consider Humu as our own because she has taken as her own,” the chief added.

Ms Humu Dilley Saeed thanked the Chiefs and people of Ofankor for the honour bestowed on her and promised to initiate more development projects in the area. 

Ms Saeed who is also aspiring  for  the Greater Accra New Patriotic Party (NPP)  Women’s Oganiser  position  also said  bringing development in an area is  a shared responsibility of the central government, assemblies, citizenry and most importantly the traditional leaders.

"This is because the community can  be mobilized quickly and productively to address local problems, elaborate action plans and come up with solutions to strengthen community through effective functioning of  traditional leaders," she said.

He paid glowing tribute to the Nii Kortey Boi and promised to collaborate with the chiefs as a true daughter of the land.

Ms. Saeed, enjoys massive popularity in the Ga-dominated community due to her hard work.

“Her service to humanity, humility and love for the people will make her a good Women’s Organiser if given the chance,” a top party official told this paper.  

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