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More Opportunities Soon …Prez. Akufo-Addo Assures The Youth

Published in politics Wednesday, 06 September 2017 07:37

By Frank Amponsah

The President of the Republic, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo has expressed government’s determination to change the economic conditions in the country for the better and ensuring that young people see the country as a place of opportunities.


He indicated that by so doing, the youth will not nurture the ideas of fleeing from Ghana even at the peril of their lives.

“We need to do all within our power to create an entrepreneurial climate, to enable our young people come up with creative ideas that can be developed into businesses,” the President said.

Speaking at the Africa Business Leadership and Kingdom Summit held at the Action Chapel International a couple of days ago the President indicated that the  government in the last seven months has been anxious in putting in place programmes and policies geared towards building the most business-friendly economy in Africa to also be a magnet for investment.

“We have begun establishing the relevant policy framework that will help businesses to expand and create jobs, with the view, also, to promoting the growth and development of entrepreneurship. We are doing this, by keeping firmly in our minds, in particular, the needs of our young people.”

“The wealth of this nation was built on the private sector and the entrepreneurial spirit of the Ghanaian people. Ghanaians are renowned for their sense of enterprise, creativity and innovation, and the moment has come to reinvigorate that culture.”

President Akufo-Addo who was so much enthused about progress the government of the NPP is making so far as far as the economic transformation is concerned indicated that the New Patriotic Party sees the preeminence of the private sector in the development of the national economy as fundamental since it forms the basis of their economic philosophy over the past 70 years.

“Our duty is to liberate the energies of the people for the growth of a property-owning democracy in this land, with a right to life, and freedom and justice as the principles to which the government and laws of the land should be dedicated to in order specifically to enrich the lives, property and liberty of each and every citizen.”

He said, the NPP has never hesitated in its belief that, given an enabling environment, the inventiveness and sense of enterprise of the Ghanaian will enable them to build a strong, powerful economy which will deliver a good, dignified standard of living to Ghanaians.

“In furtherance of this, we have set about putting in place the measures needed to reduce the cost of doing business and improve the business environment. We have begun to act on the fundamentals of our economy,” he said and pointed out that there have been significant growth in stability of the macro-economy and the cedi, reduction in inflation, and an abolition of nuisance taxes whose aim is to shift the focus of the economy from taxation to production.

“All these measures are being undertaken to stimulate enterprise activity and growth. Very soon, we shall reap the benefits of more jobs and an expanding economy.”

He said the NPP won the 2016 elections with clear marching orders from the Ghanaian people who tasked government to establish a strong economy that would generate jobs and improve the living standards for the people and that their success or failure will be judged by the capacity of the economy under his watch “to provide opportunities, to inspire people to start new businesses, to encourage businesses to invest, grow and expand, and, above all, to create jobs.”

He charged African business leaders to learn from countries that have made rapid economic strides and have encouraged high levels of investment in entrepreneur development, which has led to the acceleration of economic growth and the creation of jobs.

“We can learn a lot from this global trend and promote a conducive and business-friendly environment in our country. It should not really be a difficult thing for us to do.”

He pledges his government’s determination support businesses of farmers, traders, barbers, tailors, fitters, carpenters, plumbers, mechanics, dressmakers, electricians and others considering the fact that they are the heartbeat of economy and are at the core of Ghana’s private sector.

“Indeed, the country’s survival is directly anchored on the success of small and medium scale enterprises. It is obvious, therefore, that we have to focus on the development of start-ups and small businesses by encouraging the entrepreneurial spirit as a national priority,” he said.

President Akufo-Addo also stressed that government has begun putting in place policies that will deliver sustainable growth and cut out corruption saying: “We have begun to build a Ghana that is able to look after its people through intelligent management of the resources with which it has been endowed by the Creator; a Ghana which is governed according to the rule of law, respect for individual liberties and human rights, and the principles of democratic accountability. This is our path, and this path offers a new Ghana. …It is an economy where we look past commodities to position ourselves in a global marketplace. It is a Ghana Beyond Aid.”

 The Africa Business Leadership and Kingdom Summit was led by great figures of the global Christian charismatic movement, Bishop T.D. Jakes, Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams, among others.

The President was invited to speak at the event Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams and his wife Rosa.



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