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Gov’t Exposes NDC MPs …Plot To Smear Finance Minister Exposed

Published in politics Thursday, 07 September 2017 11:02

Deputy Information Minister and Member of Parliament for the Ofoase-Ayirebi constituency has asked Ghanaians not to pay attention to the minority in Parliament because they are ‘deliberately’ trying to destroy the works of the Finance Minister.

The minority led by its leader, Hon. Haruna Iddrisu at a press conference, Tuesday questioned government’s approval of a credit facility of GHc10,459,500 from the Agricultural Development Bank (ADB) for McDan Shipping Company.

They believe the Finance Minister, Ken Ofori-Atta, usurped the authority and functions of the ADB’s Board of Directors to award the credit facility.

Speaking to the media in an interview on Wednesday’s Kojo Oppong–Nkrumah said the minority National Democratic Congress (NDC) intentionally brings up various issues just to create attention.

“It’s a pattern; they are deliberately doing this . . . It’s just a strategy they are using; they bring up one issue, talk about it; leave it and go for another one . . . we should not politicise every issue. The minority should stop destroying the works of the Finance Minister,” he said.

 The Minority in Parliament questioned the propriety and capacity of the Minister for Finance, Ken Ofori-Atta, to singlehandedly instruct the Agricultural Development Bank (ADB) to grant a GH¢10,459,500 loan facility to a private company.

At a press conference Tuesday morning headed by Minority Leader,

Haruna Iddrisu, the group said a letter dated June 9, 2017 shows that Mr. Ofori-Atta has directed the bank to grant the said amount to MacDan Shipping Company Limited to enable it execute a supply contract awarded it by the Ghana Cocoa Board.


According to the Minority, the loan directive and the award of the Cocobod contract to MacDan at a time the two institutions did not have their boards in place were illegal as they were done without due processes.


The Minority consequently wants President Akufo-Addo to reverse those decisions and several others they say are in clear breach of laid down procedures.

“This adds to a growing list of conflict of interest situations in which the Finance Minister seems to be entangled- the USD 2.25 bond, as well as the appointment of close relatives and his business associates to key positions at the Finance Ministry, the Bank of Ghana and a number of other state institutions.”


The Minority also reiterated the need for the government to appoint Boards of Directors for all government entities to ensure best corporate governance practices in the country.


“We call on President Nana Akufo-Addo to direct a reversal of these illegal decisions and acts of malfeasance as well as take appropriate steps to restore good corporate governance practices in our state-owned enterprises, in this case ADB.



“Finally we wish to make clear to the President and his cousin the Finance Minister, that the resources of Ghana and it's public institutions do not exist for the betterment of their family and friends. Those resources belong to all Ghanaians hence the brazen distribution of same to family members, business associates and friends without recourse to due process must be curtailed.”

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