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Off-Spec Fuels Blues… BOST Staff Wade Into The Storm …Condemn Allegations Against MD

Published in politics Friday, 07 July 2017 20:47

By Frank Amponsah

Staff of Bulk Oil Storage and Transportation Company (BOST) have shot down what they described as mischievous demands from the Minority National Democratic Congress ( NDC) for the interdiction of the Managing Director (MD) of BOST, pointing out that Alfred Obeng did nothing wrong with respect to the release of off-spec product.


According to them, contamination of oil or what they called off-spec product, was not invented by the MD and that the issue of the off-spec product was a convention which previous MDs undertook in the best interest of the company.

At a press conference by the workers' union of BOST, where they were cladded in red headgears and armbands to set the records straight, Godfred Newton Amoh, BOST Local Workers Union Secretary, stressed that the recent issue of contamination was blown out of proportion by people who were bent on collapsing BOST since they have been fronting for BDCs to take over the operations of the company.

He said BOST received request from dealers of off-spec products and this dates back as far as 2014, stressing that what occurred under the new MD, was nothing “untoward.”

Mr. Amoh enumerated that, it was rather unfortunate that the new MD had become a subject of public ridicule, saying that those who are making the empty noises included people who have been MDs of BOST and who should know better but failed to see eye- to- eye with realities but rather decided to stage a smear campaign against Alfred Obeng.

“We believe that this is a deliberate attempt to destroy the integrity of the MD, and most importantly stop the MDC from going ahead with the ongoing probes into the number of malfeasance in past contracts,” they noted.

He averred that the cost at which the off-spec product was sold was one of the best prices ever that the BOST had given and that the staff and unions of BOST were very much satisfied with that arrangement.

The Union was also unhappy about the composition of the Committee set up to investigate the contaminated oil saga.

According to Godfred Amoh, the bias composition of the committee could influence outcome of their findings since, the committee, he indicated, is full of operators of BDCs who are already looking for opportunity to take over BOST operations.

In another development, the leadership of ICU has disassociated itself from a purported statement coming from them that suggests that the ICU is also calling for the interdiction of the BOST MD.

According to ICU, no statement was released to that effect and that they were solidly behind the MD and believe he was working in the interest of the company and the people of Ghana and must not be ridiculed for such a technical and human error for which he is not responsible for.

The Union however expressed their unflinching support for the MD and called on the public to disregard attempts by people who are seeking to destroy him.

The MD for BOST has come under serious criticisms especially from the Minority NDC in parliament for releasing 5million litres of contaminated fuel to Movenpiina.

In its usual character, the NDC claimed the contract was ‘dubious’ hence called for the interdiction of the MD.

The minority wants officials at BOST to be surcharged with the 14.25million, an amount it claims to be the estimated financial loss, officials of the company have caused to the state.

But, Godfred Amoh indicated that, the calls being made by the minority are baseless and must be disregarded.

He stressed that the released 471000 litres of off-spec oil which have been released for the company have not been discharged onto the market as claimed by the minority and ACEP.

Meanwhile, the Consumer Protection Agency (CPA) in its report after investigating the issue has noted that the contamination at BOST was purely an accident which occurred when the products were being offloaded into the tanks at BOST, which already contained some gasoline.

This, the CPA said, happened before new management headed by Alfred Obeng took over the administration of the company.

CPA also indicated that their investigation established that, the new management led by Alfred Obeng took over the matter and in consultation with other stakeholders, decided to sell the off-spec product as best option.

BOST in doing this, informed GRA of its intention to sell the product which led to the release to Movenpina, a company that deals in off-spec products.

In view of its findings, the Consumer Protection Agency believes that oil in the market is safe since the contaminated product is not released yet.


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