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Portuphy Settles Debt With State Car …As Auctioneer Beats Up Police, Task-Force Officials, And Seeks Arbitration In Court Featured

Published in politics Friday, 07 July 2017 23:52

By Samuel Ansah Boateng

In the wake of retrieving stolen state vehicles by the erstwhile government and party officials, it has also emerged that, Chairman for the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Mr. Kofi Porturphy, allegedly used one of government’s state vehicles to settle a personal loan of $66,000.


The vehicle, a Toyota Land Cruiser Prado, with registration number GE 2166-16, according to an agreement between Mr. Porturphy and one Alhaji Awudu Arif, signed at the Accra High Court, on 17th January, 2017, with distress warrant number 237/2016, was to be auctioned for the settlement of debt owed the latter at exactly 6;30am.

Excerpts from another document, signed and witnessed by legal practitioners from Kulendi@law Chambers, and copied to the High Court Registrar (general jurisdiction), read that “Indorsed to levy Sixty Six Thousands United States Dollars (USD 66,000.00) of interest as at April, 2016 and five thousand cedis (GHc 5,000.00) of execution, Sheriff officers’ fees and all other legal and incidental expenses endorse for the attention of one Benjamin Osei, of CREATIVE MART, an auctioneer”.

Another part of the document further instruct to “seal Writ of Fieri Facias directed at the Deputy Sheriff, High Court jurisdiction), Accra, against the Defendant/judgment Debtor herein upon the High Court (General Jurisdiction), Accra, Coram: Her ladyship Justice N. Aryene (Mrs) dated 8th March, 2016, for the sum of Sixty Six Thousand United States of America dollars (USD 66,000.00) inclusive of interest as at April, 2016 and Five Thousand cedis (Ghc 5,000.00)”.

However, on 14th March this year, a team of Government’s Vehicle Task Force, led by its National Commander, Dasebre Kwabena Ahenkorah intercepted the said vehicle and where checks on it revealed the car belonged to the state.

At the residence of the auctioneer at Tantra Hills, a suburb of Accra, Nana Ahenkorah said he was restricted by Mr. Osei and his family from confiscating the vehicle, so he called in the police from the Mile 7 Police station, where the both parties were thoroughly interrogated.

“In front of my team and the Mile 7 Commander, it was revealed that the vehicle was a state car, and as a result, the Commander ordered him to release the vehicle to us. There on I made an official complaint against him for keeping a state property. We both agreed that we followed them to their house so they give us the vehicle, but somehow they were able to outsmart us, and sped off with their vehicle. The following Monday which was 17th March, I was given two police officers to accompany my team to the house of Mr. Osei, but unfortunately , when we got there they pounced on us, including one of his sons, Nana Osei, who claimed to be a Lawyer, beating us left, right and  centre. Even one of the police officers, they hanged a car tyre around his neck and wanted to burn him alive”, Nana Ahenkorah narrated.

The case has now been arraigned at the Adjabeng’s Court 1 in Accra, with charges of assault, keeping state property, and causing damages to it preferred on those who assaulted the Task Force members.

Although the defendants are seeking arbitration, the court has adjourned the case to 7th July, for hearing.


Stay tuned.

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  • Dillon
    Friday, 22 September 2017 12:55

    Outstanding procedure on the create up! I rely upon in the direction of seem at go through all through even even further towards on your own!

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