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Back Security Customer’s ‘life-time savings’ Vamooses … From Her GCB Coffers

Customer’s ‘life-time savings’ Vamooses … From Her GCB Coffers

By Samuel Ansah Boateng

Sandra Walker Kamkam Aidoo, a US-based Ghanaian, is in tango with the management of the Ghana Commercial Bank, High-Street branch, over her $21, 000, which mysteriously vamoosed from her personal account.

According to a petition addressed to the Director General of the Police Criminal Investigation Department (CID), and copied to this paper, Mrs. Kamkam said she sent her mother, one Adwoa Dufie on January 1 2004, to open two separate accounts her behalf, and further she sent an amount of $2000 through UNIBANK to open the accounts with their necessary requirements.

“Since my mother is an illiterate, I told her when she got there she should let me speak to any worker at the bank so that I can explain the way I wanted the account to be opened. Fortunately, my mother met one Beauty Ankama at the Bank. I spoke to Beauty Ankama on the phone that I wanted to open an account but before that I would write a letter from America to the GCB (High-street branch) to enable my mother withdrawn money from the account. Beauty agreed to keep the $2000 I had sent earlier and promised to send me some two forms so that I would fill and sent back to her to open the accounts”(sic), he narrated.

Mrs. Kamkam further sated in the pettition that she told Beauty to furnish her the account number to transfer an amount of $2,400, of which she was given a particular account number (withheld for now) “but Beauty told me the account she had given me was for someone, that I should write her name on the transfer and promised me everything would be alright and that I should not worry”.

“I waited for a month without receiving the returning forms so I called her to see if she could give me an amount of $3,200 out of the money I had given her through that account number for my block work, then she asked my mother to come for it”, she continued.

on 15th February, Beauty recalled, “I wanted to again transfer $6,200 to open my account if she had received the returning forms, then she said no but I could still send the money into that account she had given me…I trusted her so much and I knew she would use the money to open the account immediately she received the returning forms.”

She further said that, on 17th February 2004, Beauty called and gave her two separate account numbers (withheld for now), one for herself and the other for her mother , “she even told me that before there would be any withdrawal , a letter would be written by me before my mother can make any withdrawal from her account …my mother went to the Bank for a withdrawal which I even wrote a letter and faxed to the bank before my mother was able to withdraw $1000…the next thousand dollars my mother went to withdraw , Beauty told me there was no money in her account so I then wrote a letter to transfer $3,400 from my account to my mother’s account…the next withdrawal, my mother and my daughter made was $500 from my account, and the last one was $4,00”

But to her surprise, Mrs. Sandra Walker Kamkam Aidoo, who has virtually turned a beggar, relying on relatives and cronies for her upkeep, as a result of her ‘stolen’ life time savings, whilst she was in the US, said she called Beauty to find out how much was left in the account, but Beauty replied she was confused herself, as someone had stolen the monies.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Thyra Obuobi, the Public Affairs Director for GCB, said although “the company has nothing to hide”, but it has been almost six months since this paper began enquiries into the matter but efforts to trace the whereabout of the money has hit on a snag.

Please stay tuned, as we bring you blow- by-blow report on investigations conducted by the CID Department of the Ghana Police Service, a directive from the office of the Attorney General, and other shocking revelations from the corridors of the Ghana Commercial Bank on this saga.