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It Is Our Turn’ …To Produce Ga Mantse -Abola Piam We

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The Heads of one of the royal trailing houses of the Ga State, Abola Piam We, have indicated strongly that their family is the next in line to ascend the GA Stool and for that matter, the family has already nominated and prepared a suitable candidate to become the new GA Mantse.

The Heads however stated that all the three persons laying claim to the Stool are not qualified to hold the position since their families have had their turns and it is now the turn of Abola Piam We.

In a detailed document explaining reasons why the family cannot accept the report presented by the committee set up by the Nuumo Wor-Lumor Borketey Laweh Tsuru III, Gborbu Wulomo-Shitse on February 19 to look into who is right to become the GA Mantse.

The family heads indicated that Nii Tackie Oblie, Nii Adama Latse II and Nii Teiko Tsuru II belong to the Teiko Tsuru We and for that matter their family had its turn of the succession and cannot therefore assume any right over the Stool at this time.

Below is the full statement by Abola Piam We family:

From the year 1510 to 2004, many kings have occupied the Ga paramount stool from the four ruling houses namely ‘ Teiko Tsuru We, Tackie Commey We, Amugi We and Abola Piam We’. The Ga Paramount stool rotates among the ruling houses. In a chorological order from 1944 to 1947, Nii Tackie Tawiah II occupied the Ga paramount stool, hailing from Teiko Tsuru We ruling house. Nii Tackie II is very famous and well known in this generation. His statue can be seen at Rawlings Park.

From 1948 to 1962, Nii Tackie Kommey II, who hailed from Tackie Kommey finally from 1965 to 2004 Nii Amugi Sosse, who hailed from Amugi We occupied the Ga Paramount Stool.

Hence the paramount stool Dzase,King makers’ emerged and nominated one hailed from Amugi We, known as Nii Tetteh Kwei the present Dzasetse and King maker.

It is significant to note that in setting a bench mark, it is a clairvoyant fact that, on the 23rd day of March 2005, the four Royal Houses key representatives namely ‘ Nii Teiko Tsuru We, Nii Tackie Kommey We, Nii Amugi We and Abola Piam We held a meeting, resolved conscientiously believing same with Mr. Amui Quaye also known as Ga Dzasetse from Amugi We, signed, seal and delivered without any duress whatever a resolution that the next nomination for rotation of succession is the Abola Piam We.

It was also affirmed and endorsed that the customary Mantse (cloth) from the said ruling house (Nii Amugi We) shall be delivered to the elders and representatives of Abola Piam We for the Ga Mantse elect, according to the recognized customary rotation succession.


Indeed, it was revelling to intimate the august meeting, mutually agreed that by the resolution, legally binding, after the succession by the ruling house of Abola Piam We, the office of Ga Mantse shall pass according to customary rotation succession in the four ruling house of the Ga Paramount Stool Dzase as such.

Notwithstanding these tenacity, there exist another cordial evidence of a SUIT NO.CT /CT ERHC /P.2/81 dated the 13th of September, 1988 from the Greater Accra Region House of Chiefs in which Judgement was granted to three ruling houses namely ‘ Abola Piam We, Nii Teiko Tsuru We and Nii Tackie Kommey We against Nii Amugi We for the illegal and wrongful installation of Major General C.C Bruce as Dzasetse.

The memorandum of understanding was submitted to Nai Wulomo and Sakumo Wulomo respectively for attention and consideration.

Mr. Vanderpuye (The Nii Akropong) still retains his title and remains the Nii

Akropong in Abloa Piam We up to date. Having done that, Nii Tetteh Kwei, the Dzase tse and King maker and the entire members of the Ga Paramlount stool Dzaase invited Nii Kudza Okai Tackie, who hails from Abola Piam We, a son of the late Adua Tse, Kwei Fear Me , who is popular known in Accra as a very wealthy and successful fisherman.

Knowing very well who Nii Okai Kudza Tackie is and where he hails from, the Ga Paramount Stool Dzase held a meeting with him and asked him to inform the elders of Abola Piam We that he is the next candidate to get ready for preparation, vetting, screening and grooming for formal installation as the next Ga Manste.

During this meeting, Nii Okai Kudza reminded the Dzase body of his experience with the Dzase and late Nii Joe Blankson when had to spend so much money, however, in the end ‘ Ga Mantse was given to the late Nii Joe Blankson, which did not get anywhere. At this point, he asked if Nii Tetteh Kwei and the Dzase are not repeating the same thing. Nii Agyeman Kesse replied and said, this time they are looking for ‘one person as Kusum (customary) demands, he adeded “ Ke Adun po” meaning even if it is a ‘Monkey’. Present in that meeting are the following members of the Ga Paramount Stool Dzase:

Nii Agyeman Kesse of Tackie Kommey We

Nii De Graft of Amugi We

Nii Amui of Amugi We

Nii Benne (Secretary of the Ga Paramount stool Dzase)

Nii Okai Kudza Tackie of Abola Piam We, received the good news and started scheduling their meetings for further progress in preparation of installing their nominated candidate who is known as Nii Okai Kudza Tackie.

During this period, Nii Okai Kudza Tackie was invited again to pay a vetting

and screening fee which he did and was issued a receipt and a letter for successful vetting. He was also officially invited for orientation and grooming, which he did. (Letter/ receipts available)

At this stage, Abola Piam We, under the supervision of Nii Akropong, Mr. Vanderpuye established the Ga Mantse Wo Mo Planning Committee with Jerry Quaye popularly known as Beautiful Quaye as the Chairman of the Planning Committee.

Ref. Minutes book written 6th February 2015 indicates that preparation was ongoing during the period for Ga Mantse Wo Mo.

The impetus for the Chieftaincy institution should be displayed with remarkable resilience which should galvanise its people to focus on development and progress that will inure to their vision.

Throughout history of the Ga Mashi Paramount stool, since 1510 – 2004, Ten (10) if the Twenty Six (26) chiefs of the paramountcy of the Ga Stool has come from Abola Piam with Nii Ayi Kushi I, from  Abola Piam as the Genesis and the 1st King (Chief) of the Ga.

It is therefore intriguing to say that at least only unscrupulous or depraved persons, will say that Abola Piam is not part of the Royal Houses.

Let us point out without mincing words that the likes of Nii Teiko Tsuru II, Kelvin Tackie , Adama Latse II and sadly the late Joe Blankson as Tackie Tawiah III are all descendants from Nii Tieko Tsuru We, who have clandestinely and surreptitiously usurping  the procedural which apparently is not yet their turn of succession after the demise of Nii Amugi from Amugi We, as per the resolution as aforesaid.

Having gone through the vetting, screening, orientation and grooming process coupled with the preparation the family and the planning committee were making, Nii Okai Kuda Tackie was invited finally and asked to provide 1billion Cedis for final approval if he wants to be installed as the

next Ga Mantse to ascend the Ga Paramount Stool.

Nii Okai Kudza Tackie , the nominated candidate intervened and requested the Ga Paramount Stool Dzase (King Makers) to reconsider that because he has already spent so much money during the process and it was extremely difficult to raise that fund during that period.

The next time Nii Okai Kudza was invited, he was informed that the Ga Paramount Stool Dzase (King makers) have decided that he has not got what it takes to ascend the Ga Mantse Stool.

Indeed, this was a shocking news for the Nii Okai Kudza and the entire Abola Piam We ruling household. Meanwhile, Nii Okai Kudza is still regularly active in running the present affairs of the Abola Piam We, ruling house in order to ensure that the house is in order.

The exuberant, dynamic and industrious youth of many diversity and capacities are firmly rooted behind the Abola Piam We royal house as the next rightful Ga Mantse in rotation succession and their distinguished impeccable illustrious son, Nii Okai Kudza who had earlier on gone through the customary formalities early to be sandwiched by the Dzasetse.

The aim, mission and vision of Nii Kudza Okai Tackie is to safeguard the ‘best interest’ of the Ga state and the Ga citizens at large. Personal or Selfish interest will not make anything better but worsen it in the end and that will cost us more” he added.

Our aim is to uphold and maintain the Ga cultural norms and enhance the chances of the Ga youth to improve upon their numerous skills and talents. We have very talented kids in the Ga community and we have to encourage them to be hopeful of the better future.

Why do the Dzase deny us of our rights as citizens and royals?

Why are they treating us like aliens, when even aliens are not supposed to

be treated like that?

Nii Okai Kudza Tackie highly appreciate the concerns of our President, His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo in the Ga Mantse issue of installation and customary practice.

We pray that our ancestors and God will intervene in our case so that Justice will be done for the Ga citizens to move forward and rise up to the standard required by every level

Thank You.

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