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Police Pursue Alrotech’s Lackey

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…Tormentor-In-Chief Cephas Under Probe For Assaulting, Pulling Gun On 70-Year-Old Man

The police in SCC in the Weija Division of the Ghana Police Service within the Ga South Municipal area is investigating one man, identified only as Cephas, who claims to be a National Security Operative and claiming many lands in Bortianor through a company called Alrotech Company Ltd, for assault and pulling gun on one Mr. Appiah Kubi, a 70- year- old man in his own house at New Bortianor – Red Top in the Greater Accra Region.

Narrating his ordeal to this paper, Mr. Appiah said the family bought four plots of land at New Bortianor from one Sandy Klemesu and an indenture was executed for them by Nii Akotey IV Dzasetse of Bortianor about thirteen (13) years ago.

He said they took possession of the land by constructing one big single room on two plots and four bedroom footings on the other two plots and he has been living on the land for the past five years without any interference whatsoever.

 Last 17th November, 2019, however, the family decided to continue work on the four bedroom footings and while working, Cephas out of the blue emerged on the land and started assaulting the workers. “Because the man was old he was standing afar off and was telling the workers to run away when Cephas started chasing him and as an old man he could not run so Cephas got hold of him, push him on the ground, subjected him to beatings, pull a gun on him and warned him not to come on the land again else he would kill him and nobody would say a word,” this paper learnt.

 This paper gathered that Alrotech Company Ltd has allegedly been the source of all the troubles on Bortianor Lands and that somewhere 1995, Nii Akotey IV Dzasetse of Bortianor and his secretary, Patrick Hammond clandestinely allocated about 1440 acres of Bortianor Land, to Alotech Co. Ltd and Alotech was incorporated in 1996 with Nii Akotey IV as a Director in his private name William Mensah and the land was plotted at lands in the name of the company in 1997.

After the plotting of about 650 plots was transferred to William Mensah in 1998 and 500 plots to his secretary Patrick Hammond in the name of Nii Kwei Arku V as their bonafied property, further transfers were made to various names without the consent of the people of Bortianor and with the help of landguards they allegedly started selling the lands without any payment to the people of Bortianor and prevented the farmers also from farming.

By tradition, the paper learnt, all the farmers are entitled to portions of where they farm which was confirmed by Nii Akotey in a letter to the CID boss dated 13th December, 2007, but the Directors of Alrotech refused to give the farmers their portion and they are taking advantage of the plotting at lands and this resulted to the formation of West Hill Residents Association as the farmers also sold portions of where they farm to the members of the Association and it was the same Nii Akotey IV who signed the indentures for the Association members.

Alrotech is very much aware that they did not pay for all the land in their name therefore they using landguards to harass and terrorize other developers.

Further documents available to this paper indicates that the grant to Alrotech Ltd was challenged in Court and both Nii Akotey IV and Roland Tetteh, the Managing Director of Alrotech told the Court that Alrotech Ltd was formed by the principal elders of Bortianor Stool in response to the act of looting of Bortianor lands, with the objective being to help protect the land from encroachment and secure the interest of Bortianor in terms of demand for Bortianor lands.

Instead of the Directors of Altrotech to render an accounts to the people of Bortianor, they rather intensified the use of the landguard, and are selling the land they told the court they were protecting as their Bonafide property with the backing of some police officers and are now allegedly claiming that the Nii Kwei Arku family whom the court declared owners of Bortianor land do not exist.

Due to the support of some police officers, the paper leant the criminal activities of the landguard became worse, leading to the death of their colleague but no action was taken against the landguards and those who engaged their services even though police investigations has established the fact that the boys the Directors of Alrotech claimed to be security men were landguards.

Document sighted by this paper shows that the attention of the Minister of Interior, the Attorney General, the IGP and the Director General of CID attention have all been drawn into the illegal activities of Altrotech Ltd which led to the death of their colleague and the detention of the poor workers but they are yet to take action.

According to our source, the  mode of operation of Alrotech now is that, they allegedly back date indentures for Cephas, the alleged National Security Operative and Nii Baah who claim to be business man and well connected to top police officers and politicians in the current Government so they attack any developer Alrotech feels like taking over their land as in the case of Mr. Kubi, then the landguard takes over and that is how come Cephas and Nii Baah are all over the Bortianor lands registered in the name of Alrotech and if the case is reported to the police, instead of the police using the court judgment, they rather uses lands commission search report and declare Alrotech or their assign as owners of the land even though the court has made it clear why the land was registered in Alrotech name.

“Due to the support of the police Cephas, Nii Baah and the landguard, feels their activities on Bortianor lands are justified. Hence their attack on developers, demolishing of structures, and the current attack on the poor old man Mr. Appiah Kubi,” the paper was told.

A petition sighted by this paper suggest that the Director General of CID’s attention has been drawn to how some police officers are using land commission search report to support Alrotech and their assign in selling Bortianor lands instead of referring all the assigns of Alrotech Ltd to the Nii Kwei Arku family.

Meanwhile, attempt to reach Alrotech to respond to the story proved futile and calls to Cephas’s telephone numbers pull blank.

 Stay tuned for more.

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