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Prince Asharku Is Not a Chief -Anumansa Elder Declares

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The Family Head and Lawful Representative of the Anumansa Division of the Ngleshie Alata Traditional Area, Naa Akushia Cudjoe has served notice one Prince Asharku Bruce- Quaye, who she claimed is styling himself as Chief of James Town, to stop parading himself as such since he is not one.

“The Ngleshie Alata Judicial Committee since 2015 ruled that Prince Asharku – Quaye should not and cannot call himself a chief.” She Stated.

Naa Akushia noted that elders of Anumansa Division will never nominate or recommend Prince Asharku – Quaye to be considered for enstoolment as Chief ,stressing that although he hails from the family, his “questionable” character  over the years till date has been shameful hence he can’t be considered let alone enstooled a Chief for the good people of James Town.

Naa Akushai said these at a media engagement in Accra over the weekend.

She said issues of alleged double sale of lands, alleged fraudulent takeover of acres of land by prince Quaye has tarnished the image of the Anumansa Division both locally and internationally.                                                           

According to her James Town is divided into two, Ngleshie Alata has its own paramouncy in the person of Nii Ngleshie Ardey who is currently the acting President and James Town which has no Chief as we speak.                           

She said, “the time has come for the public to be told the truth about the James Town brouhaha to ensure that the right thing is done at James Town because it is not right for some selfish seeking individuals to hijack the entire town and lands as though they are the sole custodians thereby shielding away other family members who have equal stake in all James Town affairs.

She said it is illegal for some individuals to take unilateral decision to install a chief without the concern of the kingmakers and family head of Anumansa Division.

“I am the family head and lawful representative of the Anumansa Division, as far as I am concerned, I have not sanctioned the installation of any chief so the said self-styled Chief must not be taken serious and any transactions that would be entered with him shall be nullified in the fullness of time”.

According to Naa Akushia she has been the family Head of the Anumansa Division and legal representative for some years now and would in no way allow her title and position be relegated to the background.                                   

She further advised the public to desist doing business with the self-styled Chief as they do so on their own risk.

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