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Prize For Speaking Truth To Homosexuality … Assailants Attack Council Of State Member!

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…Rams Car Into Adjiri Blankson’s Wall, Bolts

 By Ernest Addo

Council of State Member, Nii Adjiri Blankson, was the subject a brutal attack, after a runaway car rammed into his walls at his Dansoman residence in Accra last week. He was only saved by the trees planted infront of his fence.

 In what appears to be a calculated attempt to shut the former mayor up from speaking against homosexuality, this paper gathered that the incident happened a day after Nii Adjiri Blankson granted a telephone interview to this paper (Friday) in which he condemned the promoters of homosexuality.

Residents who saw how the incident happened told this paper that immediate the car, which registration number could not be traced, rammed into the wall at dawn, the drive reversed his gear and sped off.

The Council of State Member, who also confirmed the attacks on him to this paper indicated that last week’s attack on his life was the first since he lived in the house some forty years ago, and that even when his house became the power house of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) when the party was in opposition, he never witnessed such attacks.

When our scouts got to the Dansoman residence of Adjiri Blankson on Saturday, masons and labourers were seen busily erecting the wall.

Recall that in our Friday, Vol. 10 Number 15 edition of the New Crusading GUIDE, former Accra Mayor advised activist of homosexuality not to saddle the country with their problems as Ghana needed to go under a very serious scrutiny, saying “we want to change our life style, we want to move and that’s why the President said Ghana should be above aid so they shouldn’t saddle us with this problems.”

The story read in part that “Unlike the European countries which solved their problems 100s of years ago and could afford to do thing on experimental basis, the Council of State member told this paper in a telephone interview yesterday, that homosexuality is not in our lifestyle because we need to transform the country, and that when homosexual activists bring in such issues it will disrupt Nana’s agenda.

He stated, for instance, that sometime ago in the UK, white people were beating homosexuals into hiding and that now; if they have penetrated with their monies to place their people into influential place, they should be fair to the country by helping us transform and develop and not saddle us with issues about homosexuality.

Earlier, before the telephone interview, Nii, as the affable Adjiri Blanson is fondly referred to, sent this paper a WhatsApp message which read that “As a devouted and unbending Christian, I feel ashamed and very angry about certain powerful countries trying to push down our throats that cancerous HOMOSEXTUALISM.”

The Council of State Member is not alone in the condemnation of gays and their activistThe Christian Council of Ghana has reiterated that Ghana’s culture and family life system cannot support the legalization of homosexuality in any form or shape.

According to the Council, homosexuality is a threat to Africa’s social protection hence their opposition to any such move.

“Homosexuality is not only a human right issue. It is also a human existence and survival issue. It threatens Africa’s social protection which is embedded in family and children. Elsewhere in Europe, marriage is between two young people who think they love each other. They can get married before they even introduce themselves to their parents. Our part of the world you need two families to come together for marriage to become possible,” he said.

The Ghana Pentecostal and Charismatic Council (GPCC) has also stated that, homosexual is evil and cannot be legalised in the Ghana”.

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