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Shut Up Nii Amar Jorbu Or… …Kwabenya Kingmakers’ Fumes

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By Alex Boye

The legitimate Council of Elders of the Kwabenya Traditional Area have raised red flag at the Dzasetse of Neefu Jorbu Family, Nii Amar Jorbu I, asking him to shut up on matters regarding Kwabenya or face their wrath.

They further noted that he being made a Dzasetse less than a year ago does not give him the power to speak for Neefu Jorbu family without consulting the elders of the family who agreed that he be placed on that royal stool.

“Nii Amar Jorbu I should have realized that by his position, being the first in Neefu Jorbu family, means that Neefu Jorbu in the past has never had a Dzasetse and there’s a lot he has learned from the elders of the Neefu family” the family hinted.

The Council of Elders of the Nii Abbey We of Kwabenya (Nii Odai Ntow Weku), exercising their full authority on their lands which included Kwabenya, Ashongman, Agbogba and Taifa, stated without ambiguity that Neefu Jorbu             We was a part of Kwabenya and that the Nii abbey family and Neefu were of two sister generations and their houses have been very close to each other in Atukpai and same in Kwabenya.

Speaking with this paper in an interview, the Kwabenya Council of Elders stated that they know Nii Amar Laryea, as one of the gentlemen parading the corridors of Atukpai Mantse’s palace hoping to be given a position to work with the royal house and because he did not hail from that generation; he did not fall in line. They noted that his father is Neefu Jorbu family being a Laryea so it was right for him to be considered for a position in his own home hence their support.

Nii Ania Tamo-Akpe Musah Laryea Adddy, who is also Nii Gamu Kwabenya told this paper that he met Nii Amar whom he believed was thoughtful and could help in laying proper structures for Taifa which is under Kwabenya’s authority, had a conversation with him, and agreed to take up a royal position in the Neefu Jorbu which is his own house.

Nii Gamu Kwabenya said he personally notified Naa Korkoi Dugbatey II, Kwabenya Manye, who agreed to the personal since she desired Taifa to be well structured.

He said in the course of Nii Amar becoming a royal, the Kwabenya Sentse whose parents are from Kwabenya (Nii Abbey We and Neefu Jorbu) were approached to delve deeper into the request.

He also stated that he was the one who proposed the position of a Dzasetse to be offered to Nii Amar and he believed that he would be the one to rally everyone around for the good of the Neefu Jorbu family.

“Nii Amar cannot carry his dreadlocks and be installed, he needed to cut off his dreadlocks and be cleansed before he would be considered for any royal position that was the instruction of the Kwabenya Setse Nii Okai Mensah II who is also a member of the council of elders in the Neefu Jorbu family” Nii Gamu stated.

On his side, the Seitse mentioned that at a meeting in Jorbu We recently, it was agreed that Nii Amar Jorbu was to be officially brought to Kwabenya and made to enter into the town. He said this was there the rites and traditions were done for Nii Okumo Ayikwei Agba II, Taifa Mantsse and Nii Ayitey Ampim I, Taifa Asafoatse all from Neefu family who are well seated.

“It is known that Nii Amar Jorbu I in his capacity as Dzasetse has also installed a few others without recourse to the Kwabenya Setse who is a member of the council of the elders of Neefu Jorbu family. Nii Amar Jorbu I later pleaded to be forgiven after he realized that as much as he was the Dzasetse, he is to work with a number of others in authority in the Neefu Jorbu Family” the Seitse disclosed.

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