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Zylofon Cash Goes Hi-tech … Gets Google Play App

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An online media platform built to make owners of creative art works display their works and make money from the number of views, Zylofon Cash, has been developed into an application on Google Play Store.

The app, rated as a five-star, is free to download and software currently for Android devises while all is set to releases the IOS version by June this year.

The Zylofon Cash platform creates an opportunity for arts all right owners or art works, be they composers, managers, fashion designers, lyricists, content providers or chirographers would earn hard cash for the works they display on the platform as along as these works attract views from the public.

The Zylofon Cash digital platform is to offer an opportunity to lovers of all forms of arts to make money from their creative works. It also serves as a free-to-view mega library, stocked with a wide range of creative arts content.

“In simple terms, it is like a digital mall where you buy space to display your stuff. But in this case, you, the owner of the works on the platform would get paid just by you getting persons to go and see your works. It is like people go o window shopping and you get paid because the people have viewed your works”, Halifax Ansah-Addo, Communications Director for Zylofon Cash explained.

It is a tried and tested reliable storage facility for creative art works; be they audio, visuals and audio visuals, while the owners of the art works make some money simply by getting the public to go on the Zylofon Cash platform to view the uploaded works.

Barely three months since the platform was introduced, it has attracted some 27,000 plus active subscribers now attached to the array of creative arts contents.

Unlike existing digital markets for creative content, Zylofon Cash has not set a threshold for views before the owner of the art work can get paid. It is a unique system that pays the owner of the content per each view.

“Based on user feedback, we are making very significant improvements to the platform so as to create a viewing ecstasy for our subscribers. We are particularly pleased that we are putting our creative arts fraternity on platform that gives them international exposure and at the same time fetches them some money.

“The interesting thing is that the hitherto complaint from musicians and content providers that they do not get  royalty payment for their works has become a thing of the past as Zylofon Cash would continue to pay money for creative works as long as they get views on the platform.  It is not time bound and the only thing the owner of the content needs to do after uploading is to create some awareness and direct fans and followers to the page to view the works”, Halifax Ansah-Addo noted.

There are fifty eight Zylofon Cash offices spread across the country from where scratch cards can be purchased to upload works unto the platform.

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