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Queen Mother Attacks Weija Divisional Police Commander …Calls For His Immediate Transfer  

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The Queen Mother of Ngleshie Amanfro in Greater Accra Region, Her Royal Highness, Nana Tambia, has appealed to the Inspector General of Police (IGP), COP David Asante-Apeatu to cause the immediate transfer of the Weija Divisional Police Commander, Chief Superintendent, Mr. Annor Arhin, his crime officer, the Station Officer and all the Policemen who have worked at the Division for a long time.


She said the officers have compromised their professionalism by virtue of the fact that they served there for a very long time.

The Queen mother alleged that the officers have made friends with criminals and fake informants, to remote areas to also taste hardships there, with immediate effect.

Nana Tambia, IV stated this at a well-attended press conference held by the Queen at Ngleshie Amanfro.

The Queen Mother noted that her call for such a drastic measure is due to the irresponsible manner in which the said officers conduct themselves in the area to the outmost disappointment to the good people of the catchment area.

Nana Tambia continued that, instead of protecting life and property, the police there are rather supporting land guards’ activities in the area, by taking parts of moneys that land guards get from sales from the seized lands that they take from the land owners in the area.

Furthermore, the Queen Mother stressed that, on many occasions the Police out there refuse to arrest persons who go to the Weija Dam site, to cut the trees meant to protect the dam, for their selfish gains, which must be stopped, to save the Dam from drying up in future.

Nana Tambia also disclosed that, it has come out that, after her interaction with the Media on this issue, to get his side of the story by Pressmen who contacted him, he allegedly bribed the newsmen and emphasized that if they do the story he will leave the police Service.

Now that the cat is out of the basket and it has come out that the Commander allegedly bribed the Media, the Queen is now challenging Chief Superintendent Arhin to leave the Police Service as he earlier pronounced.

Nana Tambia further called on the IGP, to impress upon Mr. Arhin to produce the permit or the order that the police in collaboration with the land guards there, are using to harass landowners at Amanfro site and its environs.

Nana Tambia averred that it is worth learning from the Police Administration under Ex. President J. A. Kuffour ,when the Police were transferred after staying at a particular place for more than six[6] Months to one [1] year, for the new officers to replace those who stayed for long , to avoid familiarity which breeds contempt.

She emphasized that when new ones are posted to a place, they usually ensure that there is discipline, rather than waywardness and poor policing.

The Queen further called on the Police leadership to also transfer policemen who have stayed at, Toll Booth Police station  , SCC, New Bortianor, Kokrobite, Ngleshie Amanfro Police and nearby Police Stations ,who have lived long in their stations and therefore  allegedly make friends with criminals to far away districts and Divisions in the Northern, Upper East, and Upper West Regions cum Volta Regions to also taste the difficulties their fellow Policemen go through at those areas for those in such areas also to be posted to the South to taste the Gold that is mined in Accra and other lucrative areas , as far as Policing is concerned.

The Queen echoed that if such critical transfers are not done, compromising Policemen and women who stay at one place, especially big towns for so long will cause conflicts and confusion at their various areas of operation or in our local areas .

The Queen further disclosed that, instead of taking land cases to court to decide fairly on such matters, the Weija Divisional Commander and his Police cohorts rather invite two parties in the land dispute into Police Chambers and allegedly extort huge sums of moneys from both sides and then leave the dispute hanging leading to mayhem and confusion in the villages and towns in the jurisdiction.

On his part, Chief Superintendent Arhin who was monitored on an Accra based popular Radio Station’s interview in reaction to the issue denied ever liaising with land guards or taking part in any of the above allegations levelled against him, asking on air that, how can he a senior Police Officer who fights land guards support their activities by being part of what they do criminally.

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