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C4C Partners ECCH …To Provide Quality, Affordable Healthcare Delivery

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By Deo-Donne Dafeamekpor

Campus for Christ (C4C) has partnered East Coast Community Healthcare (ECCH) in order to train personnel with the appropriate qualification to fit into all sectors of the homeopathic healthcare delivery to patients.

C4C, which is in its fourth year of operation is the largest facility in Ghana and has 10 major branches all over the regional capitals with other branches in Amsterdam (the Netherlands) and in Hamburg (Germany).

“The C4C Homeopathic hospital is the only homeopathic hospital in Ghana that has been able to register seven different homeopathic medicine with the Food and Drugs Authority for prescription in Ghana through its affiliate manufacturing company in New-Delhi, India,” Dr. Michael Kyeremateng.

Dr. Michael Kyeremateng, President of the C4C homeopathic company said, Ghanaians and Africans would experience new treatment directions of homeopathic pharmaceuticals in all C4C branches both home and abroad, where different homeopathic therapies in the form of tablets, capsules, eye drops, injectable and creams among others will be used to serve its patients.

“Ghanaians should expect more quality and professionalism from C4C medical homeopaths, its well-trained homeopathic Nurses and homeopathic pharmacists” he assured.

Dr. Kyeremateng was optimistic that C4C’s partnership and affiliation with ECCH, and the full knowledge and research in homeopathy would be the hallmark of the C4C group with the opportunity for Ghanaian graduates to receive European Degrees of various kinds in homeopathic medicine, homeopathic pharmacy, homeopathic nursing as well as participate in annual international conferences on homeopathy in Europe, India, UK amongst others.

C4C has also introduced a new health card dubbed,  “Secure Your Health Card International”, which enables subscribers to gain access to affordable and quality homeopathic health care both in Ghana and abroad.

Subscribers to the scheme would enjoy enormous benefits such as free alternative approach in scanning; analysis; provision of hospital cards; consultations; frequent checkups; and physiotherapy services without any hustle or struggle.

There will also be 60% discount on all homeopathic remedies prescribed for all ailments, be they chronic or acute.


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