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Ernesto Taricone’s Villagio ‘War’ …Partner Hauls Business Mogul To Police, DOVVSU Over Brutalities, British High Commission Involved!

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Financial powerhouse and internationally connected business mogul, Ernesto Taricone, is in the news for negative reasons.

Police and Hospital reports chanced on by this paper paints the man reputed for establishing the plush Trasaco Valley estate as a brutal wife beater who would stop at nothing to inflict pain on anyone who crosses his path, according to his wife.

Narrating her ordeal to the Airport Police, his wife said Ernesto Taricone, together with his friend(name withheld), had gone to the Villagio residence where he formerly lived with his estranged wife of 17yrs, Mrs. Sonia Kocovska Cipriani, on 25 January, this year, under the guise of collecting his personal belongings.

However, due to his past behaviour, Mrs Cipriani, who was not in the house at the time, our Airport Police source say, told Mr. Taricone’s friend on phone that she could not allow Taricone into the house without the consent and permission from her lawyer, whom she retorted she was going to contact and revert to Ernesto with a later time and date when he (Ernesto Taricone) could go for his personal belongings, under supervision.

“When she returned, she was seated with her daughter at Vida e Café at Villagio, when she received a distress call from her son that his father (Ernesto Taricone) was at the door on 23rd Floor with about six to eight men; drilling into the door lock to gain forced entry,” an Airport police source with knowledge of what transpired told this paper.

In their rush to see what was going on; on the 23rd Floor, Cipriani’s daughter reached the scene first and whilst wondering aloud why the step father was drilling into the lock, was allegedly attacked by the men surrounding Mr Ernesto Taricone

“When her daughter took her phone out to call for help she was attacked by Ernest Taricone junior who then wrestled her phone from her”.

Ernest Taricone Jnr.

The source continued that Sonia having arrived at the scene then also took out her phone to try and call for help and that was when Ernest Taricone junior attacked Sonia and began to strangle her and stepped on Sonia’s feet to prevent her from moving. “Her son and daughter tried to get him off her but could not until one of the men had the common sense to pull Ernest Taricone jr off Sonia as she was about to lose consciousness. Try as Mrs. Cipriani and her daughter did, they could not have access to their telephone to think of calling either the police or her lawyer. It took the intervention of one of the men who had accompanied the Taricones to the Villagio residence to calm tempers before Mrs. Cipriani could dash to the nearest police station to lodge a complaint with the Domestic Violence and Victims Support Unit (DOVSSU),” the police said.

Mrs. Cipriani, a British citizen, New Crusading GUIDE is reliably informed, has reported the incident to the British High Commission since she was informed that she was being monitored 24/7 and that her life was under threat. Police and Hospital reports (published) confirmed that Mrs. Cipriani and her daughter were assaulted by “someone.”

Ernesto Taricone had not responded to our phone calls and text messages to react to the allegations. Three days ago, this paper sent Mr. Taricone a text message but it was not responded to. As of the time of going to press yesterday, the paper sent another text message but to no avail. Stay tuned for more.

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