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Ga South Municipal Assembly Cause Of Land Looting In Domiabra

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… Morton City Real Estate, Blow Venture Fingered

Stephen Joseph Nyane

How state institutions vested with the power to protect the interest of the citizenry against bullies turn to aid the strongest snatch properties from the poor seem to be playing out at Domiabra-Asabaha, a suburb in the Ga South Municipality, in Accra.

The case of Domiabra residents is that it is the Ga South Municipal Assembly that creates a layout for all the towns under them, issue building permit for developers and, therefore does not understand how they would deal with assigns of a company identified as Morton City Real Estate, whose land, documents show, is located in the Greater Accra Region yet is under Awutu Senya District in the Central Region.

They are also wondering the Ghana police service within the Weija Division who know that Ngleshie Amafro, Domiabra, Asabaha falls under their jurisdiction yet documents of the assigns of Morton City Real Estate show that they are not under them.

 “I and the entire military was humiliated by the Divisional Crime Officer of Weija in the person of Chief Superintendent Amos, for raising the issue of Morton City document in the presence of some complainants whom the boys of Morton City sold portions of my land to when they reported me at the Weija Division,” a military officer told this paper.

According to the spokesperson for the area (name withheld), Domiabra-Asabaha is under the newly created Ga South Municipal Assembly with its capital being Ngleshie Amanfro carved from the old Ga South Municipal Assembly.

It is located in the south west part of Greater Accra Region which lies within latitudes 547“30”N and 527‘30’N and longitudes 031”30”W and 016 ”30”W and share boundaries with Upper West Akim to the North, Weija Gbawe to the East, Gomoa East to the South – West, Awutu Senya East to the West, Awutu-Senya West to the North West and the Gulf of Guinea to the South so they don’t understand why someone will indicate on his site plan that Ngleshie Amafro Asabaha is under Awutu Senya District in the Central Region and will be using the same document to claim land in Greater Accra Region as in the  case of Morton City Real Estate, Blow Venture etc and Nii Noi Morton.

The Military Officer told this paper that he raised the issue of jurisdiction pursuance to the document the assigns of Morton City Real Estate were using when he realized that the Crime Officer was using his office to deprive him of his land. The soldier said the Crime Officer later advised the complainants to report him to the Military Police which they did but at the Military Police Office the complainants became convinced that legally their documents were not good and better document and the land sold to them falls within that of the solider. So had it not been the military police the crime officer would have used his office to deprived me of my land the soldier said.

The soldier disclosed he would be surprised if the Assembly was aware of the kind of document Morton City and his assign are using in claiming lands within the jurisdiction of the Assembly or a land document from another region could be used to claim land and procure permit in another region.

According to the soldier his late father, in 1981, acquired about 20 acres of land at Domiabra Asabaha, took possession of it by registering his interest in the land with Lands Commission, Accra and has been farming on same without any interference.

He said after the death of his father, letters of Administration were granted to him and he assented to all the 20 acres of land at Domiabra Asabaha in the Ga South Municipal Areas in the Greater Accra Region and all the documents were duly processed at Lands Commission in Accra and have been on the land for over 30 years, so he saw no reason why someone would claim to have registered his land at lands commission in the central region and be claiming same with the help of landguards.

“I can face the landguards boot-for-boot as a solider but I am a law abiding citizen,” the soldier lamented”.

The soldier said, he petitioned the Director General of CID against one of the boys of Morton City and he was invited by the police but while investigation was ongoing he said the power of Attorney granted him by Morton City and Co had been revoked therefore he lack capacity to stand in for the two companies meanwhile he has demolish buildings under construction of developers and that has been the mode of operation of Morton City. That is anytime any of his boys are arrested they claim the power of Attorney has been revoke then another group will also claim they have been given power of Attorney to act.

According to the soldier, Morton City has granted different people Power Of Attorney and currently demarcating lands for sale, writing on buildings on Domiabra lands including his own that they should stop work and produce documents.

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