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Lower Axim Chief Under Fire! ….

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As Anana Family Accuses Awulae Atibrukusu Of Imposing Queenmother, Dragging Prez Into Chieftaincy Saga

The Chief of Lower Axim in the Western Region,  Awulae Atibrukusu III, who is also the former  president of the Western Regional House of Chiefs has come under fire from the Ayeh-Kumi Gate of the Anana Royal Stool Family, for allegedly trying to impose a queenmother on them, when he is not supposed to do so.

He is also reported to have told the family that President Nana Akufo -Addo has changed the chieftaincy Act and that now chiefs could choose whom they so wish to be their queen mothers, against the age -long tradition that kingmakers and family choose their rulers.

For instance, the Lower Axim chief, without any documentary evidence even though there were several request by the family reportedly made reference to the Asantehene,  that upon the passing of the quenmother , the Otumfuo Osei Tutu II installed his sister as the new queenmother. Also, that another chief in the Western Region (name withheld), after his installation reinstalled his own queenmother and removed the old one.  

 Awulae Atibrukusu III, the Ayeh-Kumi Gate says, is arrogating to himself the powers to nominate and install a queen mother against the time tested and long -held custom that three gates are supposed to provide rulers in turns, in the event of the passing away of the chief or queenmother.

So intense are the agitations that Abusapanin of the Ayeh-Kumi   Family Gate, Thomas Essien, has fired a petition to the house of chiefs, imploring them to call the Lower Axim chief to order.

 According to Abusapanin Thomas Essien, in the petition filed at the Western Regional House of Chiefs on the 25 July (still pending for Awulae Atibrukusu III to be served), it is the turn of the Ayeh-Kumi Gate of the Anona Family to nominate a candidate for the queen mother position, following the demise of the occupant of the post which they duly have done, but the Lower Axim Chief has side -stepped the laid down custom and is preparing to install his own candidate.

 “It is the turn of the Ayeh-Kumi Family to nominate the queen mother after the stool became vacant, which we have duly done and yet our nominee has been rejected by Awulae Atibrukusu III,” one of the familt member told this paper over the weekend.

Meanwhile, Awulae Atibrukusu III on his part explain in a telephone interview yesterday that “It is never true, it is never true.  All that they are saying that I am saying Akufo – Addo has change the chieftaincy Act is never true”.

He continued “We are installing a Paramount Queenmother, the seat has been there for the past thirteen years and we have about twelve vacant stools that the chiefs have never been enstooled. I deem it fit that we have a paramount queen mother for which reason, I gave them an ultimatum, because of that this year they are installing a lot of chiefs and queen mothers.”

He said “When it is time to go for meetings they go for meeting and you are not there; all that they say is he is pressing us to do ours but why is he not doing his? So the family met and at the end of the day a decision was made. It came to light that someone must be chosen to sit on the throne, that was two years ago, and we are in the process”, he said, adding that “even the Abusuapanin you are talking about I chose the queenmother with him”. Ask them what their capacity is as far as the family in concerned. There is nowhere in the Chieftaincy Act that families must nominate a candidate. It says kingmakers but I have been charitable and I decide to consult the family. Ask them who is Ayeh-Kumi? He is the head of the family and still alive so why are they going ahead of him? he quizzed

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