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Real Estate Don On Land-Grabbing Spree …Allegedly Applies Roughhouse Tactics

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Residents and Developers in Domiabra in the Ga South Municipal area in the Greater Accra Region would be on collision course with one Jiebo, who claims to be working for Nii Noi Morton, Managing Director of Blow Ventures and Morton City Real Estate over the ordeal he is taking them through in the area.

He is allegedlymarking buildings on Domiabra lands with the reason that they should atone tenancy to the two companies because the land on which their buildings were situated belong to the two companies.

The spokesperson for the residents who spoke to this paper on condition of anonymity for fear of being attacked by languards  said they have been living in peace at Domiabra until Nii Noi Morton allegedly deployed landguards on the land and started demolishing buildings under construction, harassing and intimidating developers.

This paper gathered that on 9th June 2009, Solomon Ayaa Arytettey and others sued Numo Kankam and others for fraudulent appropriation of Amafro lands and that while the case was on-going, Nii Armah Okai, Numo Kankam, Nii Adama Armah and Festus Nii Djestor Botchway also Defendants in the suit, in cahoot with Nii Noi Morton allegedly transferred vast land, including, Domiabra lands and lands legally registered in names of some individuals and institutions into the names of Blow Ventures, Nii Noi Morton and Morton City Real Estate.

“They indicated on the Site Plan contained in the lease agreement states that the location of the land is Ngleshie Amafro Asabaha, under the Awutu Senya District in the Central, which is false because they know Amafro is not in the Awutu Senya District but they did that with the intention of deceiving the Central Regional Lands Officer to register the land in the names and same was done,” an elder in Domiabra told this paper.

The Residents further stated that the court found as a fact that the activities of the Defendants including the grantors of Nii Noi Morton were fraudulent so their activities were set aside by the court.

The illegalities of Nii Noi Morton’s boys are known to the police because most of the victims reported the matter to them but what surprises the residents is that the police are unable to tell  Nii Noi Morton and his group that the document they are using in claiming Domiabra lands is fake and that the police are aware that  the location of the land  falls within their jurisdiction in the Ga South Municipal Area in the Greater Accra Region and not in the Awutu Senya District in the Central Region as indicated on the documents.

They are also wondering who to deal- assigns of Nii Noi Morton Blow Ventures and Morton City Real Estate whose document suggest that their land do not fall within the Jurisdiction of the Ga South Municipal Assembly or the Asseblt Task force, especially when the Ga South Municipal Assembly task force have also been going to the site to inspect permit. 

Meanwhile, all efforts to reach Blow Ventures to react to the story hit on a snag. Calls to his 024963…were not answered. A messages to his telephone was also not answered at as the time of going to press-8:30pm.

Stay tune for more.

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