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Adenta Police Officer Exposed …Connives With Suspects To Kill And Steal From Complainant

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An Adenta Divisional Police Officer, Inspector Patrick Nutakor, has been accused of engaging in fraudulent activities and conspiring with suspects he was assigned to investigate, to allegedly assassinate the complainant in a case of conspiracy and stealing.

The life of Mary Danso, who has reported a case of conspiracy and stealing against some persons is in danger.

In a petition stating her experiences with Inspector Patrick Nutakor, Mary Danso narrated that she first met with Insp. Patrick Nutakor in 2016 when she reported the loss of some materials (woods) from her building site at New Legon.

Insp. Patrick Nutakor, she said, was assigned to investigate the case and eventually, the stolen items were traced to a neighbor who took the Police to the culprit who stole the materials from the site.

She pointed out that the family of the culprit came to the Police station and decided to settle the issue by paying for the cost of the materials.

According to her, Insp. Patrick called her to inform her that the money had been paid to him.

Mary Danso said, till today, she has not received any money from the policeman as he continued postponing when she could go to the Police station for the money.

She further indicated that, Insp. Patrick was also investigating a case of conspiracy and stealing in “The Republic vrs Eugene Kwaku Obiri” in which she was the Plaintiff.

Mary Danso said, Insp. Patrick allegedly connived with one of the prime suspects, Alvin Fullerton in the case.

“I gave Insp. Patrick Nutakor photographs and contact numbers of two of the three conspirators. I added WhatsApp charts between the conspirators and Alvin Fullerton. He refused to follow up because Alvin Fullerton asked him not to. The leader of the three was Eugene Kwaku Obiri who conspired with Alvin Fullerton to steal my land documents and GH¢12,500.00. The exercise was sponsored by Alvin Fullerton and Inspector Patrick was aware,” she alleged.

She also maintained that in the last three years, Eugene Kwaku Obiri has been in a court at Accra in connivance with Alvin Fullerton (who is at large) and Mr. and Mrs. Ward Brew, both Lawyers to fraudulently take her property.

According to her when all attempts to locate Alvin Fullerton failed, Insp. Patrick Nutakor claimed it was her responsibility to arrange to have Interpol to bring Alvin Fullerton to Ghana to stand trial because “I need him to come and pay me my GH¢12,500.00 which he has confirmed to Insp. Patrick that he stole.”

She said she was at a loss as to that arrangement since it cannot be true that she had to arrange for Interpol to bring Alvin Fullerton to come and face trial in Ghana.

According to her, Insp. Patrick made contact with the suspect-at-large, and started a relationship with Alvin Fullerton and with Alvin Fullerton’s directives gave false evidence to free Eugene Kwaku Obiri.

She indicated: “According to Insp. Patrick Nutakor, Alvin Fullerton claims he removed my keys from my bag in a hotel, went to my house stole my house documents and a sum of GH¢12,500.00, when I complained of his attitude. I quiet remember that Fullerton visited me at my shop in the morning around 10:00am and spent about 4-5 hours at my shop. After sometime, he said he was hungry and asked me to buy him roasted plantain and groundnut so I left Fullerton alone at the shop to buy him what he asked for. After he had finished eating the roasted plantain and groundnut, Fullerton didn’t spend much time at the shop and left. When I closed from shop and got home in the evening to open the door, I then realized my keys were not in my bag and searched for it everywhere but couldn’t find it. Later on, I remembered that Fullerton was the only one who visited me at the shop during the day so probably Fullerton has taken the keys without my notice. I immediately called him to ask if my keys were with him and he denied. So I’m surprised the CID (Insp Patrick Nutakor) said Fullerton told him he took the keys from my bag in a hotel. Insp Patrick Nutakor said it is his responsibility to ensure that he supports accused and that is what he was doing. Insp. Patrick went ahead to defend Eugene Obiri on grounds that he was a mere taxi driver hired by Alvin Fullerton.”

Mary Danso narrated that with the house documents safely in their possession, Alvin Fullerton arranged and sponsored Eugene Kwaku Obiri and Gideon Osei Mensah who claimed to be a lawyer including one Gifty to kill her at Kumasi.

She revealed that she was invited to Kumasi but she travelled in the company of her brother, which made it difficult for the gang to have their way with her.

She said although Insp. Patrick Nutakor was given pictures, phone numbers and whatsapp chats between Alvin Fullerton and the Kumasi gang which included Eugene Kwaku Obiri, Mr. Gideon Osei Mensah and Gifty, Insp. Patrick Nutakor refused to do anything with the information because of the relationship he started with Alvin Fullerton.

Mary Danso averred that because her stolen land and house document were recovered and the murder attempt on her at Kumasi failed, a third plot was hatched and in the last three years, a conspiracy to fraudulently dispose her of her property has been hatched.

She noted that with the case in the Accra High Court, the conspirators including Eugene Kwaku Obiri who Insp. Patrick Nutakor and prosecutor DSP Mary Ahiafianyo freed in the case of “The Republic vrs Eugene Kwaku Obiri,” have ganged up with Mr. and Mrs. Ward Brew and Fullerton who is the crime suspect-at-large to sponsor her activities.

Mary Danso also pointed out that Eugene Kwaku Obiri who Inspector Patrick Nutakor defended in court as a mere taxi driver in the case “The Republic vs Eugene Obiri,” is the same person fighting in the Accra High Court on behalf of Alvin Fullerton over her property using Mr. and Mrs. Ward Brew as his Lawyers.

She has however since the inception of the case, petitioned the Inspector General of Police (IGP) over the anomalies in the proceedings and the attitude of both the prosecutor DSP Mary Ahiafianyo and Insp. Patrick Nutakor and demanded IGP’s intervention to reassign a new investigator to the case.

She said, “Since the end of the case, I have written several petitions to the Police, Attorney General, the Minister of Interior and the Director of PIPS (a unit of Police service) about the attitude of Insp. Patrick and how unfairly he has treated me and the facts of the case because of the contact he had with Alvin Fullerton the suspect at large.”

Meanwhile, following the several petitions, a letter authoring the Accra Regional Command to investigate her petitions was signed by Chief Superintendent of Police Joseph Owusu-Ansah and issued on 23rd May 2019.

The investigations were conducted by two officers, Officer Amarteifio and Dzerkeh located PIPS, but no response has been given as to the findings of their investigations.

She believes that as long as Insp. Patrick Nutakor, Eugene Kwaku Obiri, Gideon Osei Mensah, Gifty, Mr. and Mrs. Ward Brew and Alvin Fullerton are still around and protected by Insp. Patrick Nutakor, her life remains in danger because Alvin Fullerton is always ready to sponsor any evil plan through Insp. Patrick Nutakor.

She is calling on the IGP to take swift action on the whole saga and ensure that justice prevails.

All effort to get Inspector Patrick Nutakor on the matter proved futile

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