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Increase In Fuel Prices:Are You Also Insensitive?… UPP Queries

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The United Progressive Party (UPP) led by its Acting National Chairman Kenneth Nana Kwame Asamoah is demanding from government an immediate reversal or downward review of the 20 Ghana Pesewas per litre of petrol.

The increase in the UPP’s view is a punishment to Ghanaians and must be immediately overturned.

Below is the full statement:

Reading the mid-year budget presented by the Finance Minister, Mr. Ken Ofori Attah one thing stands out both NPP and NDC do not care about Ghanaians.  The finance minister still thinks the NPP is campaigning. If the NDC created a mess fix it. We want solutions not counter attacks and jabs. That’s not the job Ghanaians gave you to do!

 UPP is shocked at the increments of 20 Ghana Pesewas per litre of petrol and diesel. Where at all does this money go and what problem exactly is it going to fix? Coupled with the high exchange rate is just unbearable for the ordinary Ghanaian.  Hiding behind complains and blame game to serve Ghanaians an increase in energy sector levies is most unfortunate, reckless and unthoughtful. We hope the displeasure of scraping the luxury vehicle tax is not what NPP Government is transferring unto the ESL. We of the UPP think this increment means the NPP Government is insensitive.  Successive Governments have been increasing energy sector levies but there has not been any accountability. 

General cost of living within the country has been pushed steeply upwards as a result of high fuel prices but little has been done to reduce the taxes although policymakers and the government acknowledges the difficulties people within the country are facing as a result of these super high fuel prices at the pumps.

An increase in fuel tax will result in a hike in the pump prices of fuel products including LPG and have a cascading effect on price of transportation, prices of goods and services, general cost of living, and eventually on general hardships in the country.

The UPP thinks this is most unfortunate as it seems the only way for the Finance minister to raise money for the Akkuffo Addo government is by taxing everything. But we suggest to the government to do the following which they already know. If they cannot, UPP is ready to assist them.

Increasing petroleum taxes will be “easiest route in squeezing additional revenue from an already frustrated petroleum consumer.

1. Remove the Energy sector levy.

2. Fixed the exchange rate where the Cedi is chasing the dollar at a high speed.

3. Work to bring down inflation.

 We urge the NPP government to focus on illegal fuel smuggling activities happening across the country which leads to revenue leakages instead. 

We hope this will help reduce fuel prices.

#Long live Ghana

#long live the UPP


National Chairman (Ag)

Kenneth Nana kwame Asamoah

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