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…Army Men On Inter-ministerial CommitteeRaid And Sell Seized Items


It has emerged that the men of the chairman of the Inter-Ministerial Committee onIllegal Mining (IMCIM), Prof. Frimpong Boateng looted and sold items from theirlast raid in Kobro Forest (Apraprama) in the Ashanti Region.

Currently the Obuasi Municipal Police command have confiscated some of the items which were sold to specific individuals. DSP Asenso has been investigating how some of the soldiers turned around to sell the seized items on the open market.

The individual who these items were sold to are said to be confessing to the police on how the Military men came to sell them those items belonging to Heritage Imperial Company Ltd.

In another development, a pickup van  belonging to the company, Heritage Imperial Company Ltd was allegedly stolen by a military man only identified as Tariq. When the company tracked him and called him to return the vehicle, he sent a text message claiming he’s working with the Operation Vanguard. “I’ve been calling since yesterday. You people are not picking but remember that you can’t run. I’m the W.O. from the Operation Vanguard in Obuasi”.

“I am going to trace your number through MTN Office. I promise to arrest you guys in no time trust me”, Tauriq texted.

When the said Tariq was contacted on phone for his side of the story, this is what he had to say, “I’m a little bit lost here because I don’t know anything about any pickup van or I’m not in connection of any pickup van.

Tariq claims to work for Sanny Excavators and is not a military man and had nothing to do with Operation Vanguard. “With this number of mine? What exactly did I text them because I don’t remember sending any text message to anyone concerning any pickup van. …I don’t have any connection with them (Operations Vanguard). …I’m not a military man”.

“No, I’ve not had any engagement with them (Heritage Imperial Company Ltd) and even if I have had an engagement with them, I don’t know. Please, the person who gave you my number, did he tell you I’ve had any encounter with him or something? …my brother, I’m willing to render any kind of help I can to you. To help you with your Boss. But this is the situation I’m a little bit green about what you are talking about with this pickup van. I know nothing about pickup machine”, he added. 

He, however, confirmed he’s Tariq, lives at Obuasi and owns the number 0242076829 which sent the text.

Meanwhile, two trucks were arrested at the Forest Reserve of Kobro carrying diesel and timber to sell. It was arrested by the Forestry Commission, there were calls from the IMCIM members for its release. Eventually the Forestry Commission released them. The people who were arrested said one top person of the IMCIM asked them to go and sell them.

Donald Emmanuel Entsuah, the MD of Heritage Imperial Company Ltd, said 200,000 litres of diesel plus pickups and excavation machines was stolen among other items at his site. He added he would not allow the stolen items to go without retrieving them. He warned all those who are in the possession of the company’s items to return them before the worse happen.

More to follow soon.

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