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Nii Noi Osikan Kpeneku Rightful Nadu Wulomo…Osu Traditional Council

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By Alex Boye

Osiahene for Osu Traditional area Nii Nartey Adumuah, has announced that Nii Noi Osikan Kpeneku II, is the right Klottey /Nadu Wulomo and not any other person.

According to Nii Nartey Adumuah the Klottey and Nadu Wulomo position is priestly and sacred and must not be dragged into disputes as it is done with other traditional position in Osu.

Speaking at a press conference in Accra yesterday, he explained that the people of Osu are typical Nadu Clan who originally migrated from the Shai Osudoku traditional area, Osuwem.

 “It is therefore right that when one is to be initiated as the Osu Wulumo he is taken to his ancestral home and shrine at Osuwem (The Ablao Wornor) the high priest and shrine of all Nadu and Ga – Dangmes for purification rites to be performed by Ablao Wornor” Adding that “Our brother Nii Noi Osikan Kpeneku has taken through all these rites therefore he is the rightful Wulomo” Nii Aduamah said.

He further continued that the candidate’s raffia hat (crown) of office is then woven by the Ablao Wornor and for the selected one.

He added that the Klottey Wulomo was called based on the fact that on arrival at the shores of present day Osu in about the year 1600, the Osu people met the Gborbu Wulomo and his priests worshipping the deity of the klottey lagoon.

“The Nunguas being in the same religion as the Nadus for convenience of distance handed over the worship of the Klottey deity to the people of Osu”. Explaining that “This is not in its entirety. All chiefs priests of Osu who are to be Wulomos must be taken through sacred rituals at Gborbu Wulomo Shrine to be cleansed and initiated as the Klottey Wulomo in the Gborbu Grove, which is where the Klottey deity resides to date”.

He said this in an interview shortly after a press conference to clarify the current position of the Klottey and Nadu Wulomo in Accra.

He indicated that the Klottey /Nadu Wulomo position is not by physical selection, nomination and installation, but through prayers and several divine rites performed by the elders, deity chooses the rightful person who is to become the spiritual father and leader to all the traditional priestly fraternity of Priests and Priestesses of Osu.

This rightful person who is chosen by the deity would perform all traditional rites and customs of the people of Osu, defacto land lord of all Osu lands (Shitse).

He stressed that it is very disturbing to see this position been misrepresented.

He therefore called on the youth and Asafoatsemei to remain calm in the face of the current situation where some people are masquerading as substantive Osu Klottey Wulomo.

He also promised the people of Osu a very peaceful performance of this year’s Nmaa dumo and nmaafaa rites.

“This Homowo will also be celebrated in pomp and style by the substantive Osu Mantse, Nii Nortey Owuo III.”

He also congratulated their new and first Municipal Chief Executive of the Korle Klottey Municipal Assembly Hon. Nii Adjei Tawiah and ask him to help the traditional leaders to create jobs for the youth of Osu.


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