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Osu Mantse Takes A Swipe At Osu-Police …Accuses Them of Bias

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In the aftermath of the recent mayhem that nearly marred the beauty of the Osu Homowo celebrations, the Osu Mantse Nii Nortey Owuo III, his elders, Kingmakers and the Asafo Companies of Osu Traditional area have held a press conference to demoan what they described as the bias and unprofessional conduct of the Osu District and Divisional Police Command on the day of their Homowo celebrations.

Addressing the Press last Tuesday, the Osiahene of Osu Nii Adumuah IV stated without mincing words that but for the restrain on the part of their followers, the unprofessional and blatant bias conduct of police officers dispatched from the Osu District Command to render protection and to ensure peace on the day of the celebrations could have easily degenerated into serious disaster.

In his narration of the near disaster, the Osiahene indicated that it was shocking to hear from the Divisional Commander on the day of the Homowo celebrations that they had not been informed, when in fact they on the side of Osu Mantse Nii Nortey Owuo III had earlier written to request for security from the Osu District, Divisional and the Regional Police Command.

He said, they had further informed the head of the Regional Security Council, the Greater Accra Regional Minister and the Chairman of the Regional Security Council, Hon Ishmael Ashittey, for Nii Owuo’s intended sprinkling of Kpokpoi as they always do.

He said, afterwards the Regional Security Council announced to us (both sides- the two faction) that the Osu Klottey Gbatsunaa and the entire Castle area has been declared a security zone which they on Nii Owuo’s side heeded to that decision and avoided stepping at the place.

“But Kinka Dowuona, the opposing faction and his Group violated the said injunction with the protection of ten armed police officers, tried to break through the castle gate but the military men on duty over powered them and forced them back,” he added.


The Osiahene stated that, although Kinka was not received into several homes to sprinkle his Kpokpoi the Police was seen making threats and forcing people to allow him enter into their homes.

He said that after they had performed the necessary rituals at the relevant households and quarters, upon their return on the one-way route leading to ‘Kinka We’, the Divisional Commander and his officers stopped their procession right on the junction to the west, using the Police riders attached to Kinka Dowuona’s entourage to block the road, making it impossible for them to proceed home.

He said, the hold-up was unnecessary interference with the flow of the procession, which immediately created a crowd of the two parties as Kinka Dowuona was also in the neighborhood.


Again he stated, “then for no reason and without warning, one of the Police riders bent low and released pepper spray into the air; then (from behind the Police cordon, the Kinka boys began to rain stones, bottles and chairs at the Nii Nortey Owuo III group and firing live bullet in the air.”

As if that was not enough, one Osu Police officer appeared to have asked for permission from a superior officer and therefore began firing live rounds of gun fire into the air, and succeeded in creating utter panic and uncontrolled pandemonium. Melee ensued and there was utter confusion at the crowded junction, with the two groups in a lock-jam,”

“We had to beat a retreat; drive in reverse for about 80 meters to take Nii Nortey Owuo III to safety and for medical check-up. It was all very chaotic and traumatic. The Divisional Police planned what we may call a revenge on their ill-fated adventure against the Nii Nortey Owuo ‘s group the previous year 2017, we have the video evidence of 2017.”


“The Osu Police and the Divisional Commander, who could have been a bit more professional in executing their duties, failed miserably and deliberately so. They have failed Osu big time (pardon the slang). They have sowed a seed of discord which we shall not forget anytime soon. They did not care about lives of citizens which they put at risk. Not even the life of Nii Nortey Owuo III (87 years old man) who is indeed the lawful custodian of the Osu Black Stool the only traditional authority that can qualify an appropriete person to the high office of Osu Mantse. All they were interested in was to make their pay-master, Kinka Dowuona feel triumphant. After all, Kinka holds a gazette which he obtained by the back door; and it does not matter to the Divisional Police (a state investigative body) the manner in which the gazette was procured.”



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