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Release Loan Contracts for Inspection …Fidelity Bank Petitioned

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By Adu Koranteng

The Chief Executive of Ghana Height , Akwasi Boakye Osei , has petitioned the President, Nana Akufo Addo, to order Fidelity Bank to  release  all original documents  of the alleged  medium term loan agreements , other rental documents, withholding tax certificates, and receipts to the security services  to  facilitate public inspection in a bid to ascertain the truth in all the allegations of malpractices  a petitioned dated 4th May 2018, presented to the President of Ghana, Nana Addo Danquah Akufo Addo,  said “ I write  this mandatory request for the original documents to be released  by the Board of directors of Fidelity Bank Ghana Limited for a 3 day official public inspection to be held in Accra .

“ This is a follow up of all my notices and criminal complaints submitted to your good office with dates of March 4,2017 September 4,2017 , January 1 2018 and January 25,2018 and February 28, 2018 in relation to the alleged Fidelity Bank  and its  board of Directors  having allegedly manufactured medium term loan agreement  and other loan papers  designed  and implemented to seize and takeover my Adwoa Adjeiwaa Building in Osu  and matrimonial  home at Trassacco Valley  in Accra.”

“The United Nations and the United states  authorities have directed that I , Akwasi Boakye  Osei , a Ghanaian national Permanently on Asylum in the United States , I should respectfully request that President Akufo Addo uses your good office , your government agencies , the Bank of Ghana  and the media outlets  to arrange  for the official public inspection of the originals of documents like the medium term loan agreements  of September 18 7007and October 9 2012; Tenancy Agreement between Akwasi Boakye Osei  and Fidelity Bank Limited  between February 1,2013 and January 31 2018, proof of payment of rent to Landlord and receipt of payment issues by Landlord Akwasi B. osei  to fidelity bank and  Proof of original of Ghana Revenue Authority withholding tax certificates and receipts between February 3013 and January 31st 2018.I also want the Original documents of the Adwoa Adjeiwaa building title, that’s land title certificate to be released for public inspection”.

He said he believes that the public inspection would bring clarity to the issues in contention and the truth to the general public

Read Full Statement From Fidelity Bank:

“Fidelity Bank was a tenant in the Adwoa Adjeiwaa building from the 1st of February, 2008 until the 31st of January, 2008 when the Bank, after opting not to renew its tendency, vacated the building on its own accord and handed over the premises upon the expiry of its tenancy. During the period of its tenancy of the Adwoa Adjeiwaa building till date, Fidelity Bank has never been indebted and is not in any way indebted to Akwasi Boakye Osei or Ghana Heights Limited, which company was the Bank’s landlord.

“The allegations by Akwesi Bokye Osei against Fidelity Bank are frivolous, vexatious, devoid of any iota of truth and are actuated by malice deliberately to tarnish the hard-won reputation of the Bank as well as its Board and management”.

Contrary to the spurious and unfounded allegations by Akwasi Boakye Osei, it is rather Akwasi Boakye Osei and Ghana Heights Limited that jointly owe Fidelity Bank money arising out of a Loan Facility that Ghana Heights Limited and Akwasi Boakye Osei for recovery of the debt owing and due the Bank.

The Bank has further brought the malicious publications and documents to the attention of its solicitors who will take all necessary legal steps to assert the rights of the Bank against all persons found to be behind these defamatory publications and/or documents.

From the foregoing, we entreat all persons and entities who are in receipt of these defamatory publications and/or documents to desist from giving it any regard and rather treat same with the contempt that it deserves.

We believe the rule of law at the end of the day will vindicate the rights of the Bank and bring closure to these matters.

The Bank has filed a write of defamation against Akwasi Boakye and Isaac Acheampong. We have submitted evidence and we expect them to also do same the first write was filed on 2nd February 2018 and the Second Filed   this morning by our lawyers Kulendi at Law. Fidelity is very clear. We are following the rule of law. The allegations are falls and misleading”, stated Maataa Opare, head of legal, Fidelity Bank.


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