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‘Togbui Sri III’ Not Awoamefia Of Anlo State …Kingmakers Caution

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Kingmakers of Royal Adzovia Stool Council of all the three gates under the Adzorvia Royal Clan in the Anlo State of Volta Region are cautioning the Minister of Chieftaincy and Religious Affairs, Hon. Kofi Dzamesi, to immediately stop Patrick Kwabla Agboba also known as Togbui Sri III, from parading himself in public as Awaomefia of the Anlo State, for peace to prevail in the area.

He should also be asked to renounce his claims to the Awoamezi as the overlord of the Anlo State.

This reminder has become necessary because the Minister who also hails from the Volta Region and knows the chieftaincy dynamics of the Anlo State has failed to act on a petition written and sent to him on the 27th of March 2017 on the same subject.

The Royal Adzovia Family, is made up of the Descendants of Kponoe, Descendants of brothers of Kponoe namely, Ahiafa and Gblea Akorli from Anloga, Adzofia of Dzodze and finally those who have been adopted by family members and those naturalized (Agbametsi) into the clan.

In the said petition, in which President Akuffo Addo, Vice President Alhaji Bawumia, former President Rawlings, Chief Justice and the Speaker of Parliament among others were all copied, also appealed to the Minister of Chieftaincy to stop Mr. Kwabla Agboba to pave the way for nomination and installation of the legitimate heir to the throne for unity, progress and development of the Anlo State.

The Kingmakers, in the petition also asked the Minister to address numerous chieftaincy challenges that the people of the area have been facing since the unlawfully enstoolment of Mr. Kwabla Agboba as the Awoamefia a couple of years during the Professor Mills and John Mahama NDC led government.

The petitioners went on to emphasize that Mr. Kwabla Agboba was unlawfully enstooled as the Awoamefia of the Anlo State by people who are not legitimate Kingmakers of the Royal Adzovia family. 

According to the petition, since the occupant of the Awoamefia, Togbui Adeladza died in 1998, the stool has been vacant and the necessary rites that have to be performed to identify and nominate a legitimate heir for installation has not been done till today by the kingmakers due to protracted chieftaincy dispute caused by the Professor Mills and John Mahama led NDC government which has been in court for so long and currently before an Accra High Court.

The case was heard at the High Court on the 26th of June 2019 and was adjourned to 22nd of July 2019 in which Mr. Kwabla Agboba and others failed to appear and has been adjourned again to the 22nd of July 2019.

Spokesperson for the Kingmakers, Mac Quarcoo Connel– Ackummey told Journalists that Mr.  Kwabla Agboba is not having any legitimate lineage from the Royal Adzovia family and also none of his paternal Uncles and Aunties at Anloga   and that occupancy of the Awoamezi as Awoamefia, is by lineage from the Royal Adzovia family by birth.

According to him, there are indelible facts that Mr. Kwabla Agboba’s lineage originates from Loba-Tota of the Hohoe District paternally and Atsidzive in the Akatsi District maternally and not a true descendant of the Royal Adzovia family of the Anlo State.

Mr. Connel Ackummey added that Mr. Kwabla Agboba has no blood relationship with the Royal Adzovia family that inherited the Awoamefia Togbui Sri I and Adza Ashimadi.

He said Mr. Kwabla Agboba was not enstooled on the original stool which is the Awoamezi he claims to inherit and he has never seen the original stool before.

He said the Judicial Committee of the Regional House of Chiefs at Ho of being bias against the genuine kingmakers of the Anlo State because Mr. Kwabla Agboba was a member of the Council in the previous government.

He further accused the late Professor Kofi Awoonor, Mr. Dan Abodakpi, former Minister State under NDC government and others who were non Adzovia Royals but NDC Politicians of deceiving  the  National House of Chiefs through a fictitious petition  in October 2016 to pave the way for Mr. Kwabla Agboba to be Gazetted.

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