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Attacks Over Anas’ Exposé: GJA Cuts Mercenary Journalist To Size … Disciplinary, Ethics’ Council Probe Underway

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By Raymond Quarchie

President of the Ghana Journalists Association (GJA), Affail Monney, has implored journalist country-wide to invest and encourage investigative journalism of Anas Aremeyaw Anas’ caliber, rather than expending time, energy and resources attacking the internationally acclaimed investigative Journalist over his latest exposé, ‘Number 12’, which exposed the rots in the football governing body, Ghana Football Association (GFA).

Citing Article Thirteen (13) of the code of ethics of the GJA, Affail Monney said “We have subjected Anas’ investigative style to microscopic scrutiny and to us there’s nothing ethically wrong. In fact, Article 13 of our code of ethics vindicates what Anas is doing, you can use other means, it can be subterfuge, it can be a sting operation- where you entice people with gifts only to catch them in the act. This sting operations is practiced in so many jurisdictions including almighty United States, and to us we see nothing wrong with Anas investigative style. We endorse it.”

In a telephone interview with the New Crusading GUIDE yesterday, Dr. Roland Affail Money said that it was very unfortunate and “sad that some of our people are allowing themselves to be used for all kinds of parochial interests and this should not happen especially at this time that we need to produce more Anas’.

He revealed that Anas` style is a subject that is taught in some American Universities and that it has gone beyond national level to assumed international dimension, and acclaimed to be one of the best in the world of journalism.

He said “Anas is reputed to be one of the best investigative journalists on planet earth now as we speak.”

Asked about the  complaint Anas’ company Tiger Eye lodge against a certain Justice Anas of Hot FM who has without evidence, made it his business to attack  Anas, Affail Monney said the Disciplinary and Ethic Council has taken the matter up for investigation and would soon make their pronouncement for the GJA to pass a verdict on it.

“This is the time for us as journalists to pose in one direction into one direction, to sing from the same hymn sheet, to close our ranks and to forge a common front”, he admonished.

He said that the orthodox approach of journalism has not done much adding that it took only Anas` style to shake the sacrosanct judiciary and to also expose the rot in the football circus.

If the President who is a law luminary sees nothing wrong with it and FIFA has also embraced it to the extent that they have punished the perpetrators, the president quizzed what the essence of the distractive directions some people are taking to counter this brilliant style of investigation used by Anas is.

He advised Anas` critics to desist from distracting him and to contribute their quota to the drive of shaping investigating journalism adding that it was obvious some of the distractors know what they will get from their acts.

Stay tune for more on Justice Annan and his blackmail traits.

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